Boeing 737 MAX Will be Among the Safest Airplanes to Ever Fly

Boeing 737 MAX Will be Among the Safest Airplanes to Ever Fly

I’ve worked at Boeing for 35 years When we look up in the sky and we see one of our products flying, we take pride in that. Nobody wants to see an accident happen and we’re gonna make it right. With the MAX investigation, there’s not one rock we’re not un-turning. Because when this airplane gets back to service we want it to be the safest airplane out there. I’m John Hamilton. I’m the vice president of Engineering and chief engineer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

80 thoughts on “Boeing 737 MAX Will be Among the Safest Airplanes to Ever Fly

  1. You need to upload videos of crying babies boarding Airbus and happy babies boarding Boeing, that works much better than this meme apology stuff 😆

  2. Humans should always have the ability to override the computer… in the case of autopilot failures… why doesn't the the gyro and the optical image of the horizon need to calibrate in order to validate that the plane is flying straight and level?

  3. Thanks John. It's time to video some line (non Boeing) pilots in the 737Max engineering cab (simulator at Boeing) and put the Max through her paces demonstrating the latest version of MCAS …and explain it clearly to the flying public.
    Juan Browne/777/FO.

  4. Boeing uploaded 5 videos. 2 with the white guys 1 Asian guy, white woman and black woman. Advice to boeing, you need to worry about the safety of your planes than making sure you have a right amount of diversity!

  5. please appreciate them for any hardwork that they made to fix all the problem for MAX, just keep flying boeing! Sending love from Indonesian, although one of our MAX crashed but we still want our MAX back in the sky and be a better MAX than before

  6. Just make sure your 777x and 797 is just as safe as what you want this plane be too, don't get tunnle visioned on one aircraft please!

  7. It's funny how people which clearly have 0 knowledge in aviation are here insulting Boeing without even knowing how an aircraft works

  8. After all the changes and testing it bloody well should be a safe airplane. Not sure if there is such a thing as “the safest airplane” as this would automatically imply other airplanes, including those of your own catalogue, are less safe by default.

  9. Swing and a miss…

    Start repairing the internal gross misconduct and negligence or things have a way of biting you in the a$$…

  10. Bla Bla Bla, outrageous PR rubbish, dressed with some emotional music. It actually infuriates me.

    It can't ever be among the safest planes, as it has already taken 346 lives away, vs nil of the Airbus a350, for example.

    It's too easy to pick a time bracket in which the plane safe record should be considered. All planes are "Among the Safest Airplanes to Ever Fly", if you just account for their last successful flights, disregarding any crash prior to an arbitrary date. What have you been doing so far? Rehearsing before the great debut? Either it is safe from day 1 or those claims are an insult to the victims, who, apparently, according to Boeing, were beta-testing their unfinished planes ahead of their "before-didn't-count-but-this-time-is-for-real" release. Who came up with this video? It's distasteful.

  11. Like it or not, the 737 Max will fly more people than the A380 will –and do it at a profit for Boeing and their customers. Just await and see.

  12. I will boycott any airline that flies the 737 MAX. It was deliberately designed UNSAFE to maximize profit. Boeing lied, even after two fatal crashes. For shame Boeing!
    I'd like to see all of Boeing's management take a trip on a randomly selected 737 MAX before any passengers board one.

  13. A panel of international air-safety experts is set to condemn the U.S. approval process for Boeing’s 737 MAX jets, The Wall Street Journal reports. The task force is finishing its report into how the flawed jets were allowed to fly in the first place
    (Remount the Engine to a safe and aerodynamically appropriate position please – we beg you for the lives of passengers)

  14. Bunch of random people with no knowledge into aviation just throwing pebbles at boeing cause CNN and mainstream media: Boeing Bad!!!!!!111 like you've never flown on a Boeing before.

  15. Or, here's a concept

    Teach basic airmanship and piloting before ramrodding incompetent pilots through training pipelines?

    All the technological wizardry in the world isn't going to overcome human incompetence.

    And that includes Airbus pilots

  16. I think we should hear from the 9 dollar an hour Engineers…that way we can be confident passagers:>[ really why are you insulting everyone?

  17. I wanted to believe in those words, but then I realized that shareholders are always and always have been first priority.

    I flew once in the Max, one could sense that the aircraft was firstly designed for airlines to be profitable and secondly for the passengers to fly comfortably.

  18. I like how it talks about the 737 MAX yet it shows the 787 flying (should’ve been 73Max due to grounding) and the max just taxis along the ground

  19. Why did you put only one sensor that was that critical…I will never fly Boeing again and the 737 was my favorite plane…stupidity

  20. No one wants to see an accident… Yet you let two happen. Saying you want to make this the safest plane is great but don't try spin the fact that it's Boeings fault those people died in order for you to buck up and make the plane safe.

  21. Put a system on a plane then not teach the pilots how to deal with it properly…2 crashes…huh…fire everyone

  22. internal emails, corporate documents and federal records, as well as interviews with more than a dozen current and former employees, reveals a culture that often valued production speed over quality.

  23. Workers have filed nearly a dozen whistle-blower claims and safety complaints with federal regulators, describing issues like defective manufacturing, debris left on planes and pressure to not report violations. Others have sued Boeing, saying they were retaliated against for flagging manufacturing mistakes

  24. During the 1990s, a series of rudder issues on Boeing 737 aircraft resulted in multiple – 6 fatal accidents a modification was made to PCU units which were faulty and guess what your flying on those aircrafts today Boeing will fix the MAX

  25. Who thought these videos were a good idea? How about videos of Boeing's failings and what changes are being made to the aircraft to make it safe for the first time. Boeing is still pretending they don't have a problem! Wake up and start being frank to your best asset, the Boeing passengers.

  26. Man oh man…..I would prefer flying on the Boeing 737 next generation aircraft for a while and not the MAX. I wouldn't trust Boeing in flying on one of those 737 MAX planes as soon as it gets back in service, I just cant, not until the plane flies for a couple of years without another incident, and I mean incident, not accident, because that would be disastrous for the 737 MAX Program.

  27. When we look up in the sky and see one of our products….. I think I have found the problem. I don't think I would fly on one, and it will be the first plan I deliberately avoid in the future.

  28. On planet Boeing, every lie revealed can be compensated with more lies. To see The Boeing Company decay for arrogance is more entertaining than the new Joker movie, cheers!

  29. It’s called an engineering disaster! How can every scenario be predicted to prevent these kind of tragedies? It’s not possible! Only thing that can be done is learn from it and make sure it doesn’t happen again!!! How about the Lockheed Electra? Fastest turboprop airliner at the time! The wings broke off because of whirl mode of the propellers. Whirl mode wasn’t even an idea, or concept imagined before it happened! And let’s not forget Galloping Girdy, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge! Engineers had no idea that their design would act like an airfoil with the wind speed down the gorge! When’s the last time a bridge failed like that? The 737 MAX will be the safest airplane in the world when everything is said and done. And ALL other manufacturers will learn how to make sure nothing like this ever happens again!!!

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