Blue catfish PB. Radar 115 kayak Susquehanna river fishing. Christmas Day.

Blue catfish PB. Radar 115 kayak Susquehanna river fishing. Christmas Day.

Hi guys and welcome to this episode of
Fishy Angler. If you saw my last video I went bass fishing downstate but I didn’t
catch anything… well, I didn’t catch bass. I caught a few pickles, but the bass
fishing is shut down. So, I decided to come here to Susquehanna River and I never
been here before so I’m gonna check it out and see. So, today I’m targeting
blue catfish. So hopefully I’ll catch something here and the forecast was 1 to
2 miles/hr wind but it looks like it’s blowing a bit more than that. So,
that will be interesting to fight this wind and try to catch something without
the anchor. So, alright guys let’s see what I ca n get. Alright guys we are here. I got to this
place because I looked at the map, Navionics map, and this section here
is the dip is because it’s going to that channel right there and thank god this
island covers me from the wind so it’s a less less wind and less waves here so
pretty good and I’ll get to use my fish finder. Because the depth right now here
is 74 feet so it’s really deep and looking down I can see tons of tons of
fish. So, I hope that is a fish, but I mean, I don’t know what else could be
there. So, hopefully the cat’s got stacked up in there. So, alright, let’s set up and
see what I can get here. Alright, guys, I’m trying the first rod. I put some frozen
bunker on it and looking down there all this mess I’m not sure what that is. Down in the bottom from 50 to 75 feet
some mess. I’m curious what that is and of course I’m gonna be fighting wind. I’m
gonna be paddling a lot here to stay in one place. Huh… the bunker is gone. Interesting. OK.
Looks like there’s something in the bottom, because when I pull it it hung up
on something. So, all those markings there maybe
some branches or something. I’m gonna get a bit shallower here and I’ll try to
lay down on the drop-off. Finally something is biting… Oh, yeah, something is in there. I don’t
know how big it is, but something got my shrimp. They didn’t wanna to bite bunker. But,
as soon as I hook up the shrimp, yeah. It’s pulling fine. Oh, yeah, it’s fighting. Alright it’s time to come up. Wow, it’s pulling pretty good. Come on up… There it is, there is blue cat, alright. Come in here. Well, that’s my new PB
catfish. Alright, come in here, yeah he grabbed the shrimp. Alright, you are heavy,
aren’t you? Oh, yeah oh, yeah oh, boy. So, let’s see how much you weigh all right okay yeah 15 pounds and 11
ounces. Oh, that’s a good new PB. Let’s see how long you are. OK. Alright.
and you are 29 inches. Well, nice. One nice fatty. Alright, yeah it’s almost 30 inches
so yeah. I wanted to take one home, but I guess, I want to take a bit smaller.This
is too big. Alright, boy you going back in. Alright, there you go, you big fat cat. Yeah and you had to
splashing me of course. That’s the tank you I get. Well, there you
go, guys, first cat. Well, at least the wind died out I don’t
have to fight it anymore. That’s good. So, let’s see if I’ll catch
another cat. Alright, guys, this is it for me today. I thought I’m gonna catch
another catfish so I can take it home, but that didn’t happen and sun already
getting down and I need to get to the ramp.
it’s getting cold already. I’m gonna be heading home and I’ll see you in next

34 thoughts on “Blue catfish PB. Radar 115 kayak Susquehanna river fishing. Christmas Day.

  1. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ Awesome cat! Man it sounds like your spinning real seen better days she needs tune up or something! LOL!

  2. That one fish made it all worth it buddy!! Nice little Christmas present for yourself; to get a new PB blue cat. Awesome job Fishy! It would have been awesome if he broke the 16lb and 30" mark just to even things out ๐Ÿ˜

  3. Sweet fishing location! Nice fighter Catfish Big'un indeed ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŸ๐ŸŽฃ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  4. Haven't been there in a while. But there are small mouth bass right where your fishing. And if you get closer to the Dam. Alot of rocks. Small mouth like those rocks. There are stripers, largemouth too

  5. Congratulations on your PB whiskers. Solid fish with a big belly. Good thing the winds died down or else probably no whiskers at the end of your line. Time to celebrate the PB with a fat cigar, I like that.

  6. This was a not bad day. That cat saved it. And I did get to use my quarter century old reel/rod combo again, that you probably heard loud and clear. (My pre-bass fishing days combo). I dig that combo up in my garage in anticipation for a bigger fish. Rod held up really well, but the reel…. well, letโ€™s say it rests in peace…๐Ÿ˜‚ New reel in its place now.

  7. WOW!!!!! Let me say that again backwards WOW!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚ AMAZING BROTHER!!! I'm definitely going to try shrimp one day!! Amazing buddy!! Take care and God bless you my friend!! โ˜๏ธโœ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘Š

  8. Wow great vid โœŠ๐Ÿป Beautiful healthy cat fish in those deep waters love your kayak by the way you have it set up beautifully

  9. Man great fish congrats. I hope someday some of those blues get up this way on that river but i doubt it. So i do have a question, what kayak is that your in and how do you like it??, I'm looking for a pedal drive but i haven't settled on one yet

  10. Nice find with where the cats were holding up. One catch but a very worthy one! I got to say Iโ€™d be a bit intimidated fishing in 70 feet of water from a yak with any wind or waves on the water. Good job landing it a 15lb/29 incher cat is a nice personal best

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