Bird on a Wire (7/11) Movie CLIP – Airplane Chase (1990) HD

Bird on a Wire (7/11) Movie CLIP – Airplane Chase (1990) HD

– Hurry up, Rick!
– Ready for this? Tie down your toupee. – Can’t this thing go any faster?
– This is as fast as it goes! Hang on! Oh, my God! I’m gonna throw up! I’m not kidding! – Are you crazy? What are you doing?
– I gotta take his rotor out. – What the hell?
– What’s he doing? Slow down! He’s cutting up the rotor! We’re goin’ down! If you’ve got a belt, put it on. And stick your head between your knees. – What do I do now?
– Kiss your ass good-bye. We got no wheels and we’re comin’ down. I don’t want to die!

13 thoughts on “Bird on a Wire (7/11) Movie CLIP – Airplane Chase (1990) HD

  1. "Deberian hacer el favor de pasarla en Audio Latino (MEX) Película Completa, con todo y créditos esto es un verdadero "Best Seller" del Cine, es todo un Clasico".

  2. That woman vet, played by Joan Severance, was pretty feisty in fighting off the bad guys with a shotgun. When I saw this I thought it was a shame nothing further developed between Rick and her.

  3. It proves my theory : 9 out of ten times the original is better than the re make,Goldy's daughter is nowhere as talented as Goldy is/was.

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