Best Time To Become Pilot 🐥 | An Analysis ✍🏻

Best Time To Become Pilot 🐥 | An Analysis ✍🏻

Hi friends and welcome back Today i will share a small analysis regarding best time to become a pilot and different factors on which it depends So let’s see Usually a person opt for pilot career just after 12th or after graduation or post graduation or after any job But out of these 3 options, which is best for you depends upon some mandatory factors and optional factors which i will explain one by one So first let’s talk about mandatory factors and conditions which you must fulfill before stepping into this field doesn’t matter when you join So first point is, Your Vision means you are 100% sure about becoming a pilot and completely ready to face all sacrifices and challenges and you are not doing it for name, fame or money, this point must be clear to you i.e from inner self Next point is, Class 1 Fitness Doesn’t matter at what age and when you join Class 1 fitness is mandatory and i have already told you about its importance many times in my previous videos That’s why i don’t need to say anything more, i think Next point is, Parents approval and support both mentally and financially because untill you become capable of earning some money by yourself i.e financially independent till then to pay expensive fees of your pilot training i.e for CPL, Type rating or if you want to become an instructor or for airline joining and all, you definitely need parents financial support and strong background as well especially as of today even if you became financially independent by doing any job, then also you need parents approval at some point because its a life changing decision Now apart from these 3 mandatory factors there are some optional factors as well considering which totally depends upon you and your personal choice So first point is, Age Factor which is again linked to 3 important factors, in which first point is Getting Opportunity You must have heard this dialogue that : ” Age is just a number “, but in reality age does matter here because almost all airlines in India have maximum age limit of 35 yrs i.e for fresh CPL holder except in Air India whose limit is 40 yrs, rest for type rated and experienced pilots, this limit is 37-40+ yrs & upto 60-65 yrs also depending upon airline to airline but in general its beneficial for you, if you start your training as early as possible because if you do CPL at higher age like 30+ or 33+ then obviously chances of getting opportunity will be reduced but also there is no doubt that some people do get job at the age of 34 or 35 yrs but the only catch here is getting opportunity on time That’s why if your age is close to 30 yrs or above then i would recommend you to join a cadet program provided your financial status is very very strong and you don’t need to take any huge loan Second point is, Fitness As your age increases, you also need to maintain your physical and mental fitness accordingly which is again a challenge, but if you are living a healthy and discipline lifestyle then it would not be an issue But still those people whose are above 25 yrs & already in 9 to 5 job or have daily working schedule of 10-12 hrs i would suggest them to take good care of their fitness, if you are planning to become pilot because your whole flying career is dependent on it, directly or indirectly Next point is, Experience & Seniority This point doesn’t matter much according to me, but still the more early you do your CPL and join any airline The more it will be beneficial for you in terms of gaining experience and seniority But if you join at higher age like in between 30-35 yrs Then you might have to take orders from a Captain who is much younger than you but again it depends upon your perception & how you take it, because it doesn’t matter at all as per my opinion if you really love flying and totally satisfied with what you are doing then it doesn’t matter you are senior or junior because at the end of the day its a team work everybody’s role is defined, you just have to do your work with honesty, that’s it Next factor is , Educational or Financial Backup means graduation, post graduation or any kind of job or family business i.e alternate option apart from flying which might help you in special cases like if you become medically unfit at young age OR when you have to wait for job after CPL Or if you have responsibility of loan repayment OR if you want to share your parents responsibility OR if you want to arrange money for your further training for all these cases this backup might help you but also there is one important point that, any qualification can be used upto a particular age only because there is a specified age limit to apply for jobs in each sector both in government and private That’s why you have to decide whether you want backup qualification or not Because if you get job on time and have gained good experience in flying career, like 8-10000 plus hrs Then it doesn’t matter much if you become unfit at any point or have any qualification or not because till that time you will already become financially very strong to start any kind of startup for your survival but on the other side if you don’t get job in any of the airline even after like 2-3-4-5 yrs OR in rarest of the rare case if you become unfit within 2-3 yrs of joining any airline then obviously you must have any kind of alternate option available or parents financial support That’s why this point is somewhere related to 3rd mandatory factor Now next factor is, Overall Expense This is very important but highly ignored factor because every year training cost is increasing by significant amount That’s why same course would cost you less if you start your training much earlier compare to doing it after graduation or post graduation or even after job because technically in aviation i.e for pilots, no degree or qualification matters after 12th But yes its good for back up, broad exposure & knowledge purpose but if you think practically, you have to bear additional cost of doing graduation and post graduation That’s why the more you delay your training, the more will be the cost Because if you see history or past pattern of any flying school or cadet program, you will find that their cost has been increased by significant amount or i would say its almost got doubled in last 7 to 8 yrs and its definitely going to increase in future as well Next point is , Market Research You have to analyse, what’s going on in current aviation market and its possibility of growth in near future Which airline has more opportunities, which aircraft is in more demand you have to analyse all these things by yourself for doing proper planning, that is what could be the possible consequences and effect of your current decision in near 6 months or 1 year by the way market dynamics is beyond anybody’s control But being at the right place at right time and taking right decision is very very important in this field If you want to remain ahead in this game so you need to have a realistic approach all times & for that you always need to be aware of your situation On the other side, if you are financially very stable or money factor doesn’t matter much to you Then it won’t effect you, how bad or good is the market situation So at the end any option you choose, each have their own pros and cons and you have to find out yourself which point is specifically applicable to you and which is the most safest, affordable and convenient option for you because you all have different financial background and family situations So taking right decision is totally in your hands and depends upon your awareness & understanding So i hope this video helped you in someway Thanks a lot for watching i will see you soon in the next video, till then Stay Fit, Keep Learning & Take Care

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  1. And the videos really motivat me.I think you are the best teacher for me to decide right and rong.🙂

  2. Hey man I’m starting my PPL and want to do self study iv done much research but I’m not able to figure out which particular books to buy could u help which books to buy

  3. sir.. please reply me my question is agar maine 50-60 lakhs main apna cpl license and type rating complete krli toh kab tk job mil sakti hai aviation line k according bcz main apne home pr loan lekr krunga Please sir reply me

  4. Indigo is due with delivery of 730 A320neo aircraft which is expected to be completed by 2026. Definitely a fact to be looked upon as they will need many more pilots in the upcoming years.

  5. Sir i am doing engineering (1st year) from dtu…not financially strong so should i leave and go for any aviation related degree or join flying school…what to do plss suggest something?? Also thank u for ur guidance

  6. Hii sir
    Many flying school in Canada says it'll cost around 30,000cad$ to complete cpl
    Means 20 lacks₹
    Also you can get job in Canada
    & Airline will get you type rated
    Don't you think it's better than india

    Let's assume that airline demand type rated cadets
    Then Also
    You can there also do part time job during cpl
    So basically you'll save around 10,000cad$ for cpl.
    I think it's better option to do cpl in canada
    Sir what's your opinion?

  7. Now I feel that my craze for pilot is only to get name Fame and money and who see those 3 things and choose career will always fail

  8. Thank you very much bhaiya,aap hum cadets ko itna support dete hai,no anyone give these types of knowledge…..aur .aao hum sabhi cadets ko aware krte ho ki hum es age me koi wrong decision na le …. thanks alot for those….heartly loved you bro

  9. hii…meine abhi koi updates or news dekhe usmein bataya jaa rha h ki CPL holders ko appoint kiya jaayega airlines mein after2020

  10. Bro India se entrance exam's like (meteorology)and other exam's deke abroad flight training le sak te he ,yes then please explain me how and its processes, love you bro

  11. Bhai apke jaisa guide agar mile to har ek insaan apna goal pakka acheive kar sakta hai you are really very very helful….Thankyou for being with us

  12. Dear Sir,
    Ek doubt hai… Mai abhi 12th Mai hu aur Feb Mai boards de dunga…. I was born in December 🙁, so will become 18 at 20th December 2020…. So after my exams, I have decided to stay at home for a year and then join the cadet program….

    Real Question: What do I have to study about in order to ensure that I am fully prepared for IndiGo Cadet Program (FTA)..??
    Aur usually, kitne log select ho jaate hai (I mean the probability of a person getting selected)☺️

  13. Sir, agar currently, ek bande ne conventional way se CPL aur Type Rating (A320neo) complete kiya in 2023 toh fir usse kitna der lagega kisi company Mai induct hone ke liye??
    Aur ye induction rate kisi factor pe depend karta hai kya (age, performance in the school, etc.)??

  14. Bro I'm planning to do ground studies from one of my friend's dad he was in Air force now he is instructor in some flying school. He told me to do conventional cpl as it will cost approx 60 to 70lacs. Can i get mortgage loan of 70lacs lacs property value is 80lacs. Please help as u have helped me earlier. Thank you.

  15. Could you please guide me on how can i always be updated about aviation industry?
    I mean, if I need to follow any magazine, or newspaper, or website, or youtube channel, or any person(Insta) which are these?

    I don't have anyone in my family, or any known friend/elder who are even remotely connected to aviation industry, i.e. no one who can guide me.

    And thank you for all the effort you're doing for us.❤

  16. Hello sir! I am in 12 th standard this year and I want to be a professional pilot and I am thinking that I can first complete my graduation in aerospace engineering then I can get training for cpl or I can be graduated with bsc aviation with training of cpl. I have two ways to choose , guide me for this regarding my future

  17. Bro, I want to join cadet pilot programme but, 6 month earlier I met with an accident and my left leg got fractured and had a surgery.. The plate is fixed on bone ,but later on it will get remove ,will I get class 1 medical certificate.. Plz suggest..

  18. Bro I have no medical problem but my bp ( blood presure) is 130 + is that ok ?? And after I became instructor can I take my girl friend for a ride ? #cadetpilot

  19. hey i am 12th class student garima…
    mai do sal se pilot job ke bare me sab khuch search kar rahi ek south africa ka institute h high rating ke sath. jo ki 28+5 lakhs me cpl +accommodation karwate h….meri ek instagram friend wha se course kar rahi h and she said institute is skyhawk acadamy…u can also check om google…institute ke no bhi available hai ap call karke doubt clear kar sakte hai

  20. Hello Sir..thank you for sharing the video..always look forward to seeing your next one…

    My question is, can a student who has done his type rating, say on A320, and has zero hours on it, apply to a job opportunity in which there is a requirement of fresh cpl holders..??
    Is that student eligible for it since he/she is technically still a fresher only…??

    Thanking you in advance sir…

  21. Thanks for the video bro. Good information again. But one thing I would like to mention about age restrictions it’s in India, you’re talking about career opportunities in India. But, abroad there’s no age limits or restrictions.

  22. Bro I'm really interested in becoming a pilot but I don't know after getting my cpl I will get a job in India,what are ur views on this,plus help by the way I'm in my final year of engineering

  23. Hi bro,
    What do you think about Bihar flying institute it provides CPL for 10L (shocking but true ) to Bihar domicile students and it's even DGCA approved and pretty good college… Is it worth joining it?

  24. Sir mere paas class 12th m PCM thi bt unfortunately maths m fail hu….next year mera improvement h….aur maths improvement ki marksheet alg se aaegi….will it matter at the time of computer number filling?…how can 2 marksheets be uploaded at the time of computer number filling?….will Marksheet matter at the time of airline process?…plzz let me know asap…

  25. Sir
    If i will do cpl from any flying school like IGRUA or NFTI and then join indigo JFO program so what is the total cost of JFO prgrm and the possibility of getting job will increase or not

  26. Sir
    Which is the best flying school to join next year IGRUA or NFTI and i have also heard tha air india is conducting campus selection in IGRUA

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  28. Hello bro .. i am looking for pilot carrer but do not have physics and math in 12 th std. I am going for my training in New Zealand so I wanna to ask that if I want to settle there only . So will it effect on the job percentage like if I do not have science background will airline feel reluctant to offer me job or not?


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