Bangkok Airport : No money for visa! What did I do then?

Bangkok Airport : No money for visa! What did I do then?

I have reached Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport Now I am going to get the Visa on arrival and immigration formalities Local time is 6:15 am I saw many aircrafts of Air Asia had mentioned ‘NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY’ There is a sale going on in India Air Asia has offered fares as low as Rs 99 in India Kochi-Bangkok was offered only for Rs 1700 (approx.), which is dirt cheap It seems a dream has come true for many people who could not afford to travel by air I had a positive experience with Air Asia today, which was also my first flight with them I have just realised that I have landed into a big trouble There is no ATM on the air-side of this airport and I do not have local currency to get Visa I need atleast 1000 Thai baht to get the visa on arrival let me try.. I have done a blunder All the ATMs are on the other side of this airport, which can be approached only after getting the visa and now, I am just running from pillar to post to get help I am so happy I have got the cash My airlines helped me to get the cash. They sent their official to escort me to the ATM He is the person who helped me But, I have learnt from this mistake Either get a visa before starting the journey or get the local currency in advance to get the visa on arrival Thanks a lot 🙂 Now I have got the money, I am going to get the Visa on Arrival I had to pay 200 baht extra for withdrawal of 7000 baht from the ATM

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  1. Same Happended to me on 22nd Nov. I forgot my Money Purse in Checkin baggage , Travelled by Air Asia. I asked many Indians but luckily one guy from Jaipur Helped me getting out of this problem by giving me VISA Fee. Very big trouble as there is not ATM before Immigartion.

  2. Varunji me bhi ghunta hi rehta hu…
    Aap ke bataye anusar me bhi Agartala ke paas bangladesh ka border gaya tha…
    Me ranchi me rehta hu…
    Agar aap apna contact number dete to me milne aata…
    Me leh Ladakh jane ka program bana raha hu. Lekin akela hu…
    Agar aap jate to..
    Me janta hu aap leh ka chapa chapa chhan chuke he.

  3. Hi Varun,

    We are planning to go bangkok in jan month end. Can you please let me know few things.

    1. What documents are required for visa on arrival?
    2. other than visa what documents are required to show in Airport?


  4. Hi bro…can u pls tell in details abt how to get visa on arrival? So for Visa on arrival on to n fro tickets are needed? or what is that all needed to get visa on arrival. pls guide.

  5. Hi Mera ek sobal hai… Xtruly meh 12April k thailand ja roha hu. & Returns flight 17 ko hai Meh Suvarabhumi Airport rat ko 12 baje Airvel time hai. So meh ne PATTAYA por Hotel book 13thApril'18 (Cheek in) 16thApril'18 (Cheek out) And mera returns ticket 17 April'18 ko hai mrng 5AM(Thai time) from Suvarabhumi Airport. Meh hotel se 16th April(CHEEK OUT) mrng time se nikol kor din vor ghum kor Cham ko 6PM Airport ke liye nikol jayongi..rat bhar Airport meh hi rahongi…Q ki mera mrng Flight hai 5AM se .etna rat ko meh gari v nehi melega or melega v to mehenga porega or Pattya se to bhoot dur meh Sam ko hi Airport ke liye nikol jayongi .

    Now my question is dat – Kiya ye possible hai…kiya meh rokh sakta hau Airport meh rat bhar mrng Flights ke liye ?? &
    Mera Hotel Book 13th April'18 (Cheek in) 16th April'18 (Cheek out) Thik hai booking ?? At the time of VISA no problem ??
    Mera acomodatio to 16 April tok hai ..lekin mera flight 17 April ko hai ?? Is meh kyi problem hoga kiya ?? Plz reply..

  6. Almost shocked that a Pro backpacker like you did not plan to have some cash with you before landing in Bangkok. ATMs always charge huge hefty cuts in the Airports which is the last place one should exchange currency or take out cash.

  7. Hello bro aap har jagh lift mangti rehti ho aur treval k liye nikale ho aur saath mei (By writing the name of India and asking for lift on the roads)This is a big wrong impression. In Foreign countries

  8. Bro I have come to know that to get the visa on arrival , we need to do the hotel booking in advance.But in my case , I have already friends in Bangkok and I am going to stay at there residence.So , it is obvious I don't need any hotel to stay in Bangkok.So , would they issue me visa on arrival without hotel bookings? Please give me your suggestions. I really need your help as I am going to Bangkok these November.Waiting for your reply.

  9. How can you travel to other countries without there local currency first of all you need to take all the information on visa on arrival charges this shows how smart you are

  10. I have flight for bangkok and i will take on arrival visa while taking onarrival visa i have to saw return ticket and hotel booking and 2 pasporr size photo and 1000 bhatts anything else i need to saw or not?

  11. Sir i visited thailand in this year 28march 2018 to 4april 2018. I got visa on arrival there.
    So sir now i want to visted thailand again in Aug 2018 four month after my last visit
    Can i go and will i get visa on arrival plz reply sir
    Thankyou in advance

  12. hello sir….bangkok me agr indian debit card sbi se money withdrwall krenge to kya charges rhenge ????

  13. Sir I have a lots of things to become of ur fan but the most priority one is ur way of talking. Appreciate ur effort. Also you have cleared lots of my questions about to visit European countries. Totally thanks to you. You have changed my life and way to see the world. Hat's off. …..

  14. I watch your videos and the way you present your video….. Also you deal problems in Kool, calm and relax manner in foreign countries really you are great….. Also it needs energy to do 'bhag daur' for small work 👍👍👍👍👍

  15. Hello, Sir. You talked about ATM withdrawal in Thailand.

    I want to ask about ATM transaction charge.

    I used Kotak Mahindra Bank Debit card. Charged me Thai 200 on 2000 transaction.
    I don't know why they charged around 10%. Before that, I was in Bali, Indonesia. I used 3 times my same debit card, didn't charge extra transaction cost.

    Since you visited many countries, please tell about transaction charge in various country.

  16. sir bankok mein show money kitna karna padta hai airport pr visa ke liye. msri flight hai 23 may ko

  17. Sir aapki tarah me bhi ghumne ka sokin hu pls aapki sath ekbar aana chahta hu so pls aap meri help kare aur mujhe sath le jaye my con. No. 9879960254 pls….

  18. Very soft spoken simple guy varun even though he is from delhi… I touch your mothers feet cuz she taught u manners

  19. Wow what silly airport, these days ATMs are all over airports, I wonder how many people must have turned up thinking, you stay with the kids darling I'll go get some money too suddenly realise he can't,I would be panicking..

  20. Same thing happened with me. I had no cash. I approached the immigration department . They accompanied me to ATM. It’s as easy as that.

  21. Sir need two info. 1. Is it necessary to bring 10000 bhat for Thailand VOA?? 2. I will visit Pattaya & then Bangkok, then what I address I have to mentioned in VOA form?

  22. Hi can you please explain me that what is transist visa? While i m travelling from Mumbai to bali and there is one stop in Bangkok so they require transit visa while booking flight. So can you please tell me the process

  23. Sir..just asking.. If I want to stay in Thailand for 7 days.. Is that necessary to book hotel for 7 days for visa clearance??

  24. Sirji, thailand Jane keliya Maine thai bhat ley liya kolkata india se, magar sari note 1000 bhat ki hey, to may isa kuchra korau keysa kolkata se?

  25. What is the best way to go for: visa on arrival or apply visa here and move to Thailand trouble free? And where can we apply for visa online?

  26. inspired by your videos, i m going to thailand by spicejet on and from 8th dec to 18th dec, return by air asia, thanks bhai for your encouraging videos, i m so much exited, i have no words to explain, this is going to be my first foreign trip, the journey begins..

  27. If I visit the Thailand with my brother and one cousin, then how much amount/cash we have to show to the immigration to get Visa On Arrival?

  28. Hi, How much time it takes for getting visa on arrival. My tickets are booked to Phuket 2 hrs after landing in Bangkok.

  29. Varun.. Please tell me how much Thb is needed for VoA at DMK airport.. 1000 or 2000 Thb??, is there separate fees for visa application form??

  30. Varun bhai yehan Pakistan ma apky bohat say fan aur subscriber hogaye hain I'm sure yehan aky apko hitchhiking aur night stay accommodation ka koi problem nai hoga

  31. why I feel more comfortable hearngi indians speak hindi and putting an english subtitle than hearing them speak english with those accent.

  32. Brother m from Pakistan aur mera kal visa lga hai tourist visa Thailand ka. 9th ko meri flight hai. Please guide me saath kya documents lekar aun Hotel booking , bank statement aur round trip ticket k ilawa kya lekar aun k immigration officer mujhy deport na karey aur entry refusal na ho

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