Bangalore Airport | Plaza Premium Lounge Details | Bangalore Lounge access at rs~2 (Part 1)

Bangalore Airport | Plaza Premium Lounge Details | Bangalore Lounge access at rs~2 (Part 1)

It’s a saying, ” Unless the beauty is seen, it can’t be expressed” and my village BHALUBUTURA expresses it all. Amidst the chaos, beauty resembles like a fairy tale. A small Village, where peace from the running rivers and mountains, is the only things it have. Let’s travel for the soothing experience. Hello Guys! Welcome back to my channel, this is SOURAV and hope you guys are doing well. This time i have plan to make a travel VLOG of my hometown; that is BHALUBUTURA Not much known place as it’s located in a remote area and am sure, you may not have known much. Even you can’t find much information on INTERNET or other way around. So, i will show you a beautiful glance of my village. You must be knowing, how the rural life is and i will show you the differences of village life and city life. My village is so beautiful with greenery all around with peaceful surrounding. It will be really fun. Today is 8th of February and i am travelling to my HOME after an year, maybe and i am so much excited because it’s a 5 day leave and you must be aware that taking leaves can’t be so often. Finally, the day has come and i will be utilizing it the way it is possible. My cab is waiting RN. Let’s move. Guys, i have finally got down to the KEMPEGOWDA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, BENGALURU. and it was a very tiring cab ride and for sure, you might be knowing about the busiest traffic in Bengaluru. It took me around 2 and half hours to reach to the Airport and it was so time-taking. Let’s go to the check-in lobby. LET’S GO. Can you guess, where am i? Hey guys, Now i am at Airport Lounge. Does it look like costly? No worries, PAYTM has sorted it. Ya, twice in every 3 months, you can dine-in in any Airport Lounge. It’s just for 2 Rupees and it really sounds interesting. Guess what? it’s too cheaper than the Bengaluru INDIRA Canteen. And guys, this is not a paid promotion by PAYTM. ROFL. So, why waiting? Let’s get start with sweetners. Till then, Let’s watch out something interesting and lemme refill myself. Just now, i have refilled myself and i think so like, food was so limited. and i had tried every dishes possible. it’s worthy. It’s my 1st experience, so i felt like it’s good in just 2 Rs. If you get any passes, you can come over here and relax yourself with food and other stuffs. So, it’s a good time and if your Flight is delayed, then you may chill out over here. I have made a friend and he is so helpful. Coincidentally, he is from my place and that too from Sambalpur. Isn’t it so exciting! Let me show you. [ Hi ] He helped me while shooting. and even, he took care of my Cabin Luggages. and that’s how he is a trust-worthy person. Now, i am in the Indigo Carry-bus and my journey is from Bangalore to Visakhapatnam. My flight is at 4:30 and it will be a lenghty journey and i will reach at Visakhapatnam around 6:30. Then, I will be travelling to RTC Complex, where i will be taking the bus ride. And i will be moving towards VIZIANAGRAM. Journey will surely be so tiring. Catch you soon! It’s a good sign that i got the window seat. Experience will be thrillful Some says that Flight is boring but for me it’s more fascinating because, “CLOUDS ARE MORE IMPORTANT” let’s stick to ZAKIR KHAN with his thoughts. Finally, i have reached to Visakhapatnam Airport. It’s cool. I am sitting near the parking area. It’s beauty drove me to sit in this place. Lemme show you around and ya, Indigo Flight landed so early, that’s 40 minutes early. I think so, the service is good and ya, it’s never been before with me. but it still makes me fell happy and Visakhapatnam Airport is quite beautiful I need to move towards RTC Complex. But still i chose to sit down as i got pulled by the National Flag It feels good. Now i am in Alpha Hotel, Visakhapatnam. it’s Biryani is so famous. While back in my scool days. i used to come to this place, so often. So, I had checked to this hotel directly from the airport because i love biryani of this place. Train will arrive at 2:30 am and i had wait here for next 4 more hours. till then, Let’s watch out! It’s 2:30 am and train has arrived. FINALLY. HOMECOMING. For now, will sleep for 6-7 hours and tomorrow morning at JUNAGARH STATION. I will be reaching shortly. to JUNAGARH STATION Half an hour more to reach. Now, i have reached JUNAGARH STATION. and my home is around 20 KM from here. it’s so exciting because it’s my own place feels so good. Dad will be here soon to pick me up. He will be reaching here around 15 minutes and we will be back by car. START [ BHALUBUTURA ]

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  1. Indeed a beautiful video💞💞….because of you we are able to know about some unknown places….keep it up & all the best…😊😊

  2. Amazing Video.. You have taken awesome BRoll and the music selected by you is just Great. Excited For the Part2 #Bhalubutura Video would be Very Good. When it will be Going to be Up on youtube??

  3. Bhai, your videos are making me so nonpluss that I can't say. I have been to Bhalubutra quite a few times. I will attach a link of a pic I clicked there…!

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