Aviation Memes #2 | Airline Pilot Reacts

Aviation Memes #2 | Airline Pilot Reacts

student pilots after their first landing
I’m the best there is plain and simple I mean I wake up in the morning and piss
excellence dude I love this I love this and you know what it’s not just student
pilots even commercial pilots do this I mean not just after any normal
landing but after an amazing landing or you do something really good this is
what you feel like everyone in the 74 crew really loved the last
aviation memes video that I did and since then on Instagram I’ve been
getting a lot of new ones sent to me so aviation memes numero dos coming up hey 74 crew welcome back if you don’t know me my name is Kelsey I’m a 747
pilot my channel 74 gear is all about aviation today I’m here in Charleston
South Carolina and normally I would show a video of my hotel room like I’ve been
doing in some of the past videos but right now my room looks out onto a pool
with a bunch of college girls running around in bikinis and I’m not sure what
the laws are but besides that being super creepy filming them I’m pretty
sure I would somehow go to jail for that I just got out of jail are you going
back yes are you going back so we’ll mention this is my view Charleston South
Carolina alright let’s get into these aviation memes sit down we’re not at the
gate yet alright this would be me 100% if I was a
flight attendant I’ve seen people do this where we’re taxing in and they jump
up and they’re like in the middle of the plane jump up and start getting their
bag down and I’m thinking well what do you think you’re going right now all the
people that are ahead of you still have to get off the plane ACARS free text
Chemical trails mind control population control mass sterilization alright so
this is what our computer system look like and ACARS is basically a way for us
to send text messages back and forth to our company the airline that you’re
working for obviously there is no chemtrail option in our planes since we
don’t spit out chemtrails despite what a lot of people want to believe but a chem trail just so you know is a conspiracy that a lot of people have
when you see the white lines those vapors that are coming off of the back
of the engines when it planes flying depending on
their altitude and temperatures and things like that you’ll get actually a
white a white trail that’s coming out of the back of the engines now I’m not
going to explain in this video what causes those but there are conspiracy
people who think those are chemicals that we are spraying all over the place
and the one thing I can tell you is I was joking with a friend of mine about
this new pilots that you know 10 15 years ago when we were making $20,000 a
year I was saying you know it guys making $20,000 a year if he could make a
hundred thousand by telling the truth that he spraying chemicals at the back he
would have absolutely done it because there was pilots during that time 10-15
years ago that were having a hard time having money to eat so anyway this is a
little joke about that chemtrails it’s not a real thing flight attendant y’all
want something to eat me what’s my choices flight attendant yes or no yeah this again would be me if I was a flight
attendant I honestly don’t know how they deal with people because there’s a lot
of times that I’m sitting next to someone and I’m in civilian clothes
people don’t know that I’m a pilot and the attitude that they give to
somebody’s flight attendants I think man you’re a saint I don’t know how you
would tolerate something like that but anyways yeah this would be me if I was a
flight attendant 100% when your girlfriend says we need to talk so this
is actually the most liked one from my last video the original aviation memes
that I did someone said will you do this one and this guy actually sent me this
meme master caution pushed a reset so if there’s basically something that we have
in the flight deck a master caution or a master warning depending on the systems
that could be malfunctioning anyway so this is just a joke based off of that
and you know that’s just kind of a red flag and it means this is not gonna be a
good conversation Freight pilots be like and then they said they were tired when
they lost an hour last night so I mean this is kind of a joke because a lot of
times Freight pilots will do backside of the clock plank and that means we’re
flying with the night where we’re taking off at night and you’re flying around a
lot at night and you might have a 10 or 12 hour time difference depending on
where you’re taking off from and where you’re landing to there’s been some
times where I’ve done some 14:15 our flights and if timing doesn’t
work out you’ll take off at the start of night and you’ll fly with night the
whole time and that’s a hard time to fly if you’re tired and flying at night it
is does not help things so this is kind of a joke like this because sometimes
Freight pilots are just pounding coffee to stay awake while they’re flying
getting selfies with seven floor gear yeah I wish it was like this someone
sent me this I don’t remember who but someone sent me this in a yeah I’ve had
people I’m sure take photos of me and I’ve seen
actually photos of a plane that I’m actually flying I’ve never had three
girls run up to me to try to take selfies with me maybe one day but it’s
definitely not to day hearing people talk about aviation in public and trying
not to correct them on everything they say yeah this is pretty true actually a
good story about this about a month ago I was flying on American and I was
thinking was going LA to Seattle or something like that the girl that I’m
sitting next to on this plane says yeah the flight down here I flew down on a
much bigger jet it was a 747 and and I was thinking okay American doesn’t have
747s do I want to get in this conversation with her I was like oh yeah
I’m sure was a big claim for probably not a 747 she’s like insisting now she’s
like no it was a 747 so you go I mean I’m a 747 pilot American doesn’t have
747s did it have a second floor on it and
she’s like no oh okay maybe it was a 777 yep maybe just a possibility I had like two two aisles and she’s like yeah yeah
maybe triple seven she goes I thought every every big plane was a 747 I mean I
felt kind of bad and I and I really hope she doesn’t ever watch this video she
was actually a really sweet girl but that’s just an example I just I could I
could not say something about it I’m a flight instructor would you ever fly
commercial so I don’t know this is what it means but this is what I’m taking it
as a lot of times people will say do you ever flight will you ever fly
commercially and no matter what you’re doing it’s kind of like their little jab
and I get people that say that to me sometimes you’re like oh you’re flying
Freight I mean would you ever fly a commercial airline like
I’m flying a 747 that’s not good enough and when I was flying regional jets a
lot of times people get on and I mean this is like a 70 seater jet people
would get on and say like oh this thing is tiny you know and I’m thinking man I
was so excited to get to this thing so there’s a lot of times people make these
jabs about this like would you ever be a commercial pilot like yeah I’m an
airline transport pilot I don’t understand why people want to make these jabs but that’s a struggle you make as you go through your career it seems like
no matter what you do it’s never good enough and even now I’m a 747 pilot I
still get jabs from people like oh so you can’t fly passengers is that your
deal but I fly both I fly cargo and passengers and the biggest plane that
Boeing makes I mean come on bro when your instructor asked if you have
visual with traffic cut down all right so this is you’re not gonna believe this
I remember when I started flight school and they would say Oh traffic here
traffic there I would have thought in my mind finding another plane in the sky
would be so easy but there’s a lot of times where you’re scanning the sky
trying to figure out and find the plane and I have pretty good vision and I’d be
looking around like where are they four miles away how can I not find a
plane so I mean I know it seems unbelievable I honestly couldn’t believe
it in now I’m still surprised and and every now and again I’ll still here air
traffic control say something like Oh traffic opposite direction you know 15
15 miles and you’re thinking 15 miles away you want me to find another place
I’m not that good can’t get jet lag if you’re always on alright so men rest so
you know is the minimum amount of time that you’re allowed to have rest between
flights and so obviously we’ll have some times where we’ll fly 14 or 15 hours and
have a ten-hour break and then go fly another 12 13 14 hour flight and it’s
not really that bad honestly because when you get to the hotel you’re tired
so you’ll take a shower you’ll you’ll go to sleep even if it’s in the middle that
day hypothetically you go to sleep and by the time you wake up eat something
it’s time to go work again you’re kind of rested and on those long flights
to have a respite because there will be multiple crews so it’s a little bit easy
even if you are a little bit tired you know hey you know in three or four hours
I’ll get a you know a two three hour nap but yeah this is true you don’t have jet
lag if you’re on min rest but I think doing min rest lay overs when you’re
about to clear pilot for takeoff but they keep and remind you that they’re
holding well now I’m not going to do it I actually wonder this sometimes and if
your air traffic control comment below let me know that you do if you do this
or not if the pilots are holding short of the runway and we key up and say
something like ready to go one ain’t right does that irritate you does that
make you think like okay now I’m not gonna do it now I sometimes we’re always
a little bit hesitant to to make that call but every now and again when we’re
rolling and there’s no traffic we don’t see anybody I’ll say like we’ll be ready
to go approaching the runway and sometimes I think you guys have
forgotten about us and we’re just sitting there and you know three or four
minutes go by and there’s nobody taking off or landing I’m thinking these guys
up there eating his lunch or texting his girlfriend or something what are they
doing so comment below if your air traffic control and you’re watching this
comment below let me know this is actually something that you guys do
ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking if you look out to the
right side of your aircraft you’ll notice flight 195 challenging us to a
race I’ve turned the fasten your seat belt sign back on because is about to
get real I don’t know who wrote this it’s horrible English but yeah it’s true
I’ve never raced because we get given a set speed that we’re supposed to fly it
and it looks like these guys are flying over the ocean so you’re given a set
speed and in some cases you can modify it a little bit but it is fun when
you’re flying out over the ocean or you’re flying up somewhere and
everyone’s kind of in a group pattern and you can see the other planes around
you and obviously you’re passing them it is kind of a cool feeling watching you
you know you’re going maybe Mach eight five across the ocean and they’re doing
seven eight I was flying behind that Southwest the other day coming to Hawaii
to LA and we were doing eight-six and they were doing Mach 7 8 which is
basically a speed a percentage of the speed of sound so Mach 8 4 or Mach 8 5
is just based off of that speed of sound so
Southwest is taking off a ways before us and across the river crossing the
Pacific obviously and we caught up to them before we got into I don’t know LA
or Oakland or wherever they were going and we’d caught up to them and actually
got in and landed before them and we were thinking like yeah what does that
matter I mean a couple minutes difference doesn’t make any difference
but at this something that’s true 747 me 757 this beam gets used for like
everything but yeah I’m sure though there’s always a little bit of jealousy
from other pilots I I was sitting next to a 737 guy riding a ban into Miami one
day and the guy that was sitting next to me was the 737 captain at American and
he knew who I flew for and we were talking about the 747 and he was saying
to me man if I could just have like a week to play that thing man I would just
love to fly it’s just kind of one of those iconic planes that every
generation especially I think kind of the older generation it’s that iconic
plane that they really want to fly so I don’t take it for granted when I’m
flying that thing we pull up and you see three or four people if you go to like a
unusual Airport you’ll see three or four Rampur standing to the side taking
photos and video of it I really appreciate how cool it is my job you
know so it’s it’s yeah this is true flight delay and today’s flight delay is
due to mechanical ABC weather I you know I had a lot of people especially when I
was flying passengers back in the day I had a lot of people when we have a delay
would not believe what the gate agents were telling him again Gabe’s I don’t
know how you guys do what you do and put up with the venom that passengers will
spit at you when there’s nothing that is in control of the airline
there was a time once I forget where I was flying to but there was a massive
thunderstorm sitting on top of the airport and in front of it and it was a
a big airport let’s call it Newark and there was so much backlog traffic there
was no way that we were gonna get in there and the gate agent said hey we’re
not gonna be able to get in because there’s weather and there’s nothing we
can do about it and the airline that I was flying for cancelled the flight and
people were screaming at this lady and I happen to go up
I don’t get some paperwork because now we were gonna reposition the plane and
fly it empty to another city so it was in position to go the next day and this
lady was screaming at the gate agent and and I said hey you know and this is one
of those weird times where as a pilot people will listen to you and trust you
and I really think it’s important you as a pilot take care of your flight
attendants whenever possible and your gate agents and in this scenario I
walked up to her and I said ma’am look there’s weather over the field and I
pulled up my phone and I showed her the radar that had the weather over the
field and I said there’s no way we’re gonna get in there right now and the the
amount of flights that are coming in or already in route maybe from overseas
they have to go in and land so the flight getting canceled there’s nothing
that this woman can do to fix your problem and she’s like let me see that
radar and I show it to her and she goes well I have a job interview and if I
don’t get to a job interview I’m not gonna get the job and I said yeah I mean
I there’s nothing we can do for you right now I’m sorry she goes will you
take a photo with me with that and I was like what she’s like if I have that I
can send it to my employer and show them that the pilot wouldn’t let us get on
the flight I was like okay sure so I’m like I hold up the phone and she takes a
photo of me holding the phone with the weather radar to show her company that
she wasn’t gonna make it speaking of delays if you’ve ever
wondered how pilots make up time when we’re running behind schedule I’m gonna
put a video here that explains how we make up time in flight I look forward to
hearing from you until then keep the blue side up

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  4. Sir, you bring a smile to my face. I typically keep a poker face and you make that difficult, I commend you for that.

  5. I once flew in a puddle jumper to go home for the weekend. Normally the flight was an hour, but it must have been the pilot's last flight of the day or something, because we arrived a whole 20 minutes early!

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    Keep smiling. Love your work.

  9. Ok if a plane is drawing a white trail from one side of the sky all the over to the other side and it dosent evaporate within 2-3 mins-it aint condensation sorry

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    P.S. I cried tears of laughter while typing this at the thought of that.
    P.P.S. I apologize if you snorted what you may have been drinking at the time of reading this comment.
    P.P.P.S. I am a comedian, it's what I do.

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