AutoPSRU Prop Speed Reduction Unit and LS3 V8 Engine Conversion For Your Airplane – EAA Oshkosh [4K]

AutoPSRU Prop Speed Reduction Unit and LS3 V8 Engine Conversion For Your Airplane – EAA Oshkosh [4K]

yeah you can’t get an LS1 anymore Well mines a 2000 so thats almost 20 years ago now Yeah, but we use a 6.2 liter LS3. Mainly because they have almost the same torque curves as the LS1
it comes up at about 1600 rpm and stays pretty well level until about 4500rpm and
then drops off again. The LS1 was about the same way you know about a
thousand twelve hundred (rpm) to right across the 4500 drop off it’s a
little bit of give up but that works pretty good. we build a PSRU (Prop Speed Reduction Unit) that goes on the front of the engine or in our case the
back where the bellhousing is. Can you show me that? there is the extra plus we were looking
at while ago okay yeah everything explains the flywheel Don the agent
these are fly wheels those deals total self-contained so tell me about this gear reduction box
then it’s using a straight cut gears inside of aluminum aluminum housing yeah
CNC case straight cut spur gears we have a company that builds our gears or our
application okay you got to be treated and everything I
do yes it’s an aircraft your company never can remember the name but they
make the ear sense for us one point six six seven two one gear reduction so
4,000 4,500 now the engine is 27 points at the dealer problem gotcha okay log it pretty good get up now Steve pull
it back to about the 32 other somewhere around most airplanes have a sweet spot
okay so you’ll find what’s a good reason out there’s clearly cruising speeds with
your engine with your airplane pretty color way to go okay let’s take the
throttle bodies different is that just a linkage that so we got an electronic the
other side here is it’s only self contained abuses they’re synthetic gear
oil huh yeah 40 psi oil oiling the bearings all the time yeah 40 psi well I
just needed to prop the other take it up to about 2,000 right so prop
yeah yeah I got it there why you not use it and can you demonstrate the variable
pitch sir does it have to be on that’s beyond that’s good okay can’t just move
by hand no okay you can if you got about two before about that long if you can do
it all right but yeah they’re pretty well a lot of pressure to take cardinal
rule so I know that certain versions of the ls3 came with the dry stomp plate
looks like you just have a sander what’s your dinner correct Frey dangers okay as
long as you’re not doing loops and stuff you don’t have to worry about your end
you’re gonna start the boil right oh wait we don’t we’re not sure people do
airbags our stuff oh yeah Boyd’s awardee okay you won’t pick up on here is on the
bottom no info to the oil going Road oil on the engine turn over the props gonna
go bad it is gonna go bad yeah as long as they positive G you’re okay all right
hey Viji forget it and then is this a custom exhaust man manifold here no
they’re all off the shelf just block our headers you can buy at any auto parts
store yeah okay what we do is we heat treat up and out our powder coating this
whole set needs to be redone and replaced and we’ll be I’ve got to
rebuild this this whole system sometime this next year okay bring it up to the
current standards this is an old style as a radiator back right now the torque
roll around yeah we’ve gone to his two radiators on the side one of these
ciders okay radiator here at radio other side now this thing can sit here alone
100 degree day idling all day long never a week okay I’m surprised even with the
blades turning they’re still having overheating issues huh yeah because not
a whole lot of air coming through yeah calling everything around there yeah
okay you get high-pressure air flying yeah
it’s okay it’ll work me but why not do something works better on the ground
okay so can you demonstrate it for me on this rig then can you demonstrate it for
me nope no the EAA and their wisdom says
propellers at air shows are dangerous yeah so we cannot cry can run it okay
come aside plan on cranking running for you yeah all right I mean that’s what
this apparatus is built for right obviously yeah it’s got a throttle here
and an RPM gauge so so wait can you actually drive it around it on air power
it’s on a go-kart chassis so not really you know yeah okay we do take applications occasionally for
drivers we have and finally one yet stupid enough to hit with their blade or
the blade probably that close to their idea be an interesting sitting position
you have to lay down okay oh thank you appreciate your time fish needs work you
want Marlin fish right yeah thirty-two sure oh these are these are the weights
together roller bearings in it right yeah so your counterweight I don’t we
don’t I don’t have a slotted yo got slotted one right here if it fits in
here it’s a typical force brings this out
that’s getting pinched between this one and here when it pinches and puts
pressure on a pressure plate engaged okay so what RPM is that happening 800
rpms red start up in those state you know if you look in here it’s like I
hate I used to race cars Chevrolet’s years ago when Hayes came out with the
drag racing lunch yeah there’s no slip I mean you know either in or out this
thing grabs 800 rpms and stays engaged it tell you shut the engine off let me
bring the big wheels now a couple advantages left number one we’ve got the
polymer and spring Springs you know double dampening on the springs here
that helps with the harmonics just like it doesn’t transfer sharing your car so
you change the weights then okay it goes room like this before the computer says
alright slow on down yeah right so it’s all make think I mean in advantages is
we receiving all kind of several pounds on the starter if you look at the store
when they send you that stirs like that really can it doesn’t you know you pick
it up like this yeah i mean i remember the old Chevrolet’s and forwards like
that man is I struggled in his murder up in there get in place
this thing doesn’t weigh nothing even though even if let’s started for
Continental yeah okay you know I mean just just think about that you’re
cranking that Prop you know and trying to get it over to it to have a big
starter and what’s the what’s the split what’s the rule of 15 15 blades and you
let the starter cool off right because because it’s trying to get mass
and I fly over 50 successful 172 straight you know 300 Continental you
shook that engine down like that and the wheels jump off the ground without prop
trying to keep that energy going to go well you know I can’t remember what
these guys call it but you know their tops
cuz that’s that blade is still trying to turn that engine over this you shut the
engine off I have inertia and the blade free will the blade free wheels and
you’re not trying to turn you know it’s pretty rough on the airframe when it
things well Bam Bam Bam oh I’d imagine yeah that’s Lee’s jumping you know you
watch some of these guys they come in and ship these things off you lot of
times you see about three bounces on that wheels that blades one yeah I’ll
look for that yeah there are other gearboxes out there and they were pretty
good except annealing I don’t like what would what they’re trying to do to
handle the harmonics is they got a big rubber biscuit connecting the crankshaft
and connecting to the gearbox and that’s what they’re using to try to dampen it
yeah all right well they tried those with both and we’re creating boats for a
while little drag boat just look at that torque in that prop that this has been
working in workers since well that’s probably the reason they invented the
damn thing right wait I mean my lays my loyalty’s had a clutch it was more food
it went so you could coach to change gears there was that for the harmonics
between your transmission and here this is this animal how much between a plate
the transmission and the engine and we got original one had 900 hours on it to
clear box apart and if we know where this how to get round show us what that
is let’s I already took a look but thank you

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  1. you could certainly use a few improvements. An aviation engine should have some bottom end improvements, IE: rods. PSRU could be 3:2 if the engine was properly tuned to a 3600 rpm rev limit and would raise longevity a lot. Turbo normalized would be wonderful?Build a better auto engine over stock and you will have good power and reliability. Out of the box the "LS" engine is not ideal. For air craft power the sbc has a better torque curve but is not as strong/reliable.

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