At the Airport | Vocabulary | Check in | Learning English TV 25 with Steve Ford

At the Airport | Vocabulary | Check in | Learning English TV 25 with Steve Ford

Hello! Hello! Hello Everybody, my name is Steve Ford and welcome to Learning English TV 25 At the Airport Do you need to travel abroad? Have you ever needed to travel abroad? Well then, this lesson is for you! There are a lot of words that we need to know about airports and since English is an international language I am here to help you to make your next trip “a piece of cake”(easy) The easiest way to get to the airport is by taking an airport taxi Other options can be by bus, subway, train or van So for example, when I was living in Paris, I took 1. An airport taxi 2. The subway 3. A van with other people(not so pleasant) so it really depends on your preference When you arrive at the airport, you will be “dropped off” So it’s common for taxi drivers to ask, “where would you like me to drop you off”? That means “where do you want me to stop and leave you?” they will leave you at the departure level of the airport near the check-in desk of your airline Once you’re inside the airport you may have to do a lot of walking since some airports are really big, so people need need a “luggage cart” Checking in, now with internet and mobile phones, check-in for printing out your ticket or making a scannable electronic ticket and printing out your luggage tags, bag tags, baggage checks or luggage tickets(they all mean the same thing) can all be done at electronic kiosk at many airports, but not all Usually airline staff are available to help you if you’ve never used an electronic kiosk before Then you can “get in line”(USA) queue up(UK) to check-in your luggage. So depending on how much time you have, you might “grab a bite to eat” at one of the airport restaurants or cafes or, proceed to the security checkpoint and at the security checkpoint I know it’s very stressfull and it’s very nervewracking so I am going to try to give you some tips to get through the security checkpoint as smoothly as possible Take off your shoes, watch, belt, take out your keys and any coins from your pocket you can take all of those things and an either put them in your carry-on or put them in a bin Well everybody, I hope this lesson was useful for anybody planning to fly There was a ton of new vocabulary here and I will try to post a quiz to help you remember all of it Have a great day and we’ll see you in our next lesson! Bye for now!

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  1. I liked very much of that lesson Steve! 😀
    The one international trip that I made so far it was Porto Alegre/ Montevideo hehe…
    But when I'll go to travel to North America or UK I'll use these tips 😉

  2. I wish I could have watched this video before. I've been to Toronto and I was a little concerned about all this airport stuff, but thanks God everything was okay. By the way Canada is an amazing country. 

  3. Hello Steve, I am Alaa from Syria and I am new student at Swedish university in English. I was spoken English very well but since I got the admission I do not know what is happened to me. I am start facing a problems with pronunciation and forget the words. Tow days later I will have to make a pitch front of the students. I am so concerned, could you help me please?

  4. Hi,Steve I think you have excelent voice excelnte lirycs,!!thanks fou your time ,now my englis is etting better now I can undestarnd little intervius and many programs !!gracias from Spain

  5. Hi Stive,
    your videos are brilliant,thanks. Have you been in an video maker course recently =) ? [because this one seems a little bit different from the others]

  6. I never get tired of watching your videos, they are very well done, really nice.
    Greetings from Brazil, you rock man!

  7. Some days I get up earlier than usual to go to my job,like 5 a.m so I skip breakfast which obviously is not good for my well-being and grab a bite to eat before leaving home. It's so awkward to have breakfast such that time but I catch it up with breakfast later on my job.

  8. Just got here  and I'm already very impressed. Thanks for such an amazing channel. All the best, Mr. Ford! 😀

  9. I'm impressed! It's nice that you explain everything precisely and combine with appropriate graphics and music. Practically, very appreciated!

  10. Hello Steve I have a doubt about two words I hope you can help me. When Can I use usually and commonly? What the difference between them?

  11. Great ! I'm gonna study abroad in Germany, I've never travelled abroad before, I don't know which languages are used at the airport but I know for sure that English is spoken there. I don't know many vocabularies used at the airport, moreover, my German isn't good enough, so I always worry. But your lesson get me out of my worry 😀 thank you so much <3 vielen Dank <3

  12. Thanks for your video It's useful for me, I will travel to Austria alone in June and it's my first time to go abroad and my English is bad. 😊

  13. my pronounciation is not clearly. Any tip to solve this problem, can you recommend to me Sir. Hope you get your reply on a video coming soon as possible. Lu Phuc from Vietnam

  14. Fun and very useful, I like it. Good music and video. I might use this video or the ideas for my class. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  15. Thank you for the lesson. I am gonna flight alone for my first time next week. I really have no idea what to do in the airport. I saw the check in counter asked the passenger that " could I see your passport and ticket?" Could anyone explain how to do if I bought flight online? That means I didn't have the ticket with me.

  16. hi Steve Sir. thank you so much for the lesson.actually sir you way of teaching style is too good….can you please bring some videos regarding the telephone conversation…i doing job as an sales executive…thank you.

  17. Since I star watching this videos open a new oportunity to turn great my english. Congratulations for this great lesson and I desire you all best in your life.

  18. Hi, Steve. I'm glad to have found your english chanel.By the way ,I would like to know the name of the city that appear on screen behind you.

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