An HONEST Alphalete Review | Halo and Aero Collections

An HONEST Alphalete Review | Halo and Aero Collections

42 thoughts on “An HONEST Alphalete Review | Halo and Aero Collections

  1. I was waiting for you to review these because I know you’ll be honest! I don’t have any alphalete items so I was wondering what to get 👍🏻

  2. Buen vídeo mi muñeca hermosa también estás muy guapa me gustó mucho tu cuerpo y tu cola hermosa y también tus ojos hermosos ECT …….. Me gustó el tema gracias por tu atención saludos desde Argentina Buenos Aires.

  3. I got the Halos in black but they move down in the tummy when I run. Maybe I should’ve sized down haha. The aero and revival do not move down when I run and all three are same size :p

  4. I would love to see you do a vlogmas! Maybe not a video a day because school is a lot Haha but some christmassy vlogs and recipes and things could be fun!

  5. Good luck on your exams and thank you for this review! I was so not sure about what to (or not to) get on their BF sale! This helped a lot! Xoxo

  6. I bought the Halo leggings and they went back. They weren't flattering at all. You look great in everything, though! I still love the Revivals. Thanks for honest reviews 🙂

  7. I love how detailed and real you are with your reviews, especially when you let us know you returned them! As a college student, of course I want to invest in quality items and I want to invest in the FEW best of the best that are so good you think they are worth keeping!

  8. Getting an instant like as always! @kathrynm_fit love how detailed you videos are and also! Your nail polish color is gorgeous! 😍

  9. I feel you on the bra… I have ordered so many of their bras, and have returned every single one. I usually wear a size small in sport bras, and am also a 32DDD. But i grab an XS in Alphalete bras, and they are still huge, WHY?! The bands feel like a medium and the chest part.. I don't even know, they are just not good. Which sucks because I WANT MATCHING SETS GOSH DAMMIT!

  10. halo sizing was strange for me. i’m a true to size xs but the xs halos were sheer when standing, and the mesh was straining near the crotch seams and the inner thought seams. i sized up to a size small and they weren’t sheer, and the mesh didn’t feel like it was going to rip open at the seams, but they slid down my waist a little…

    it’s so upsetting. if the sales are good tonight i might get them again and just deal with it but for 64 dollars i was not happy with the fit or the seam quality. i think even gymshark has better seams than alphalete

  11. I have the same issue with my Red Revivales , i got them in a size small but theres extra crotch fabric in both the shorts and the leggings. I think its a sizing issue . They are trying to use extra fabric to make the leggings squat proof but then theres extra crotch fabric and the waist is loose. I love their seamless leggings but i wouldn't wear them to the gym . If that makes sense. I just got them because of the colour . I will be getting the lime green ones and the hot pink ones in XS hopefully they dont rip .

  12. With the aeros, you really have to put them in place. You could have pulled them up in the back more to eliminate the double butt problem. 👍😁

  13. Would love to see an activewear collection video! I know you have like 0 spare time but it would be cool to see what leggings you keep through all the different launches and reviews you do. Also a paragon review would be awesome!

  14. The reason they’re ripping for some people is because of their nails. If you’re not careful and if the leggings are too small for you they can rip if tugged too hard by sharp nails but like so would most leggings lol

  15. “Just build the pads into the bra” I felt that 🤦🏼‍♀️how’s this still an issue
    Thank you for another great review right before the sale!!

  16. The crotch on everything is terrible and at the price point they’re just a no. They need new crotch design. Even on the joggers the crotch looked strange. Love the review!

  17. I ordered the halo hot pink leggings on the nov 9 launch. Received them on nov 24 in Canada. Wore them for the first time on nov 26. Ripped in both legs in the crotch 😞😩 emailed them they are sending me a replacement but with the discounted bf price. I asked that the refund me the remainder because i did pay full price $64 originally. Waiting on a response and refund. Super disappointed. My 2 year old revivals are still in perfect condition

  18. Sound like a few are of mixed results. Hope you and your folks had a happy Thanksgiving Kathryn 👍

  19. hiii ive been watching you for a while n i just wanted to thank u for yet another unbiased review. sometimes im unsure if i can trust sponsored athletes who get aid to make vids or get clothes for free. i always kno i can trust youuuu!!

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