Airport security worker fired after giving man “you ugly” note

Airport security worker fired after giving man “you ugly” note

A ROCHESTER AIRPORT SECURITY WORKER HAS BEEN FIRED AFTER SHE WAS ACCUSED OF PASSING A NOTE WITH A MEAN MESSAGE SCRAWLED ON IT TO A TRAVELER — A COMPLETE STRANGER. THE MAN WHO RECEIVED THE NOTE SAYS THE WORKER GAVE IT TO HIM AS HE WAS SIMPLY PASSING THROUGH THE SECURITY CHECKPOINT. KAYLA GREEN TALKED TO THAT MAN TONIGHT. ((PKG)) “” ((VO)) BIZARRE. THAT’S HOW NEAL STRASSNER DESCRIBES THE RECENET EXPERIENCE HE HAD IN THE AIRPORT. ((SOT)) i got handed a note i didnt really think too much of it i just kept going i had about 10 minutes to get to my gate that’s kind of what i was focused on at the moment and the woman kind of called back to me are you gonna open that are you gonna open it are you gonna look? or something like that ((VO)) EVENTUALLY– HE OPENED IT. THE WORKER STARTED LAUGHING. ((SOT)) it said “you ugly” with three exclamation marks ((VO)) HE SAYS AT FIRST HE JUST THOUGHT IT WAS STRANGE– BUT — DECIDED JUST BECAUSE IT DIDN’T UPSET HIM– DOESN’T MEAN IT WOULDNT HURT OTHER PEOPLE IN THE FUTURE. ((SOT)) you really dont know where somebody is in their head somebody could be in the worst spot ever and a smile would be great for that person honestly you dont have to throw an insult like that ((VO)) HE REPORTED IT TO A SUPERVISOR– WHO HE SAYS DIDN’T BELIEVE HIM AT FIRST. HE EVENTUALLY GOT THE VIDEO FROM THAT DAY– AND THE EMPLOYEE WAS FIRED AFTER AN INTERNAL INVESTIGATION. ((SOT)) im assuming it was meant to be a joke i dont think she was trying to maliciously trying to insult people but you really dont know if somebody was in that mindset and they received that piece of paper it could throw them back to a dark mental place ((VO)) STRASSNER SAYS THIS WAS JUST ONE OUTLIER AMONG MANY FRIENDLY EMPLOYEES HE’S DEALT WITH AT THE AIRPORT. BUT HE SAYS YOU JUST CAN’T DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT AT WORK– AND GET AWAY WITH IT. IN ROCHESTER– KAYLA GREEN– NEWS 8. ((ADAM/1-SH)) THANKS KAYLA — T-S-A OFFICIALS RELEASED A STATEMENT SAYING QUOTE ((ADAM/FSCG)) “TSA HOLDS CONTRACTORS TO THE HIGHEST ETHICAL STANDARDS AND HAS ZERO TOLERANCE FOR THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR. THE EMPLOYEE HAS SINCE BEEN TERMINATED BY THE CONTRACTOR.” ((ADAM/1-SH)) ROCHESTER POLICE ARE INVESTIGATING A SUSPICIOUS DEATH ON FOURTH STREET. ((ADAM/VO))

100 thoughts on “Airport security worker fired after giving man “you ugly” note

  1. She working with those who are hearing people minds with a thought weapon that can hear what you thinking in your head this technology do exists this woman and those who work with her are up to no good this is bigger than they would have you to believe they work every where. Look up v2k voice to skull.

  2. I was expecting the comment section to b disabled. But thank goodness it’s not been. The woman was completely unprofessional in the job she was doing. . B4 she calls someone ugly, she needs to go to a mirror and look at her self. Bloody cheeky woman. Omg this story has really pissed me of 😡

  3. Anyone who has very low self confidence and is very self conscious would have been really messed up emotionally for days reading a note like that. Stupid insensitive woman.

  4. He makes a good point about not knowing where people are at in their lives. Could be the straw that breaks the camels’ back for one person…

  5. Can’t get why she wrote such a note 🤔. The guy is far from being ugly. But even if he had been disfigured in a small way the woman still should not have written the note. I’m glad she got sacked and I really hope she’s got a family to support and things to pay of. Might make her think twice bout her actions in future. Though it probably won’t. She’s obviously as thick as a bowl of thick lumpy porridge.

  6. I agree with him totally! Hey Neal, “YOU SMART” and “YOU” definitely got the last laugh!! Good job!! 👍🏽

  7. She didn’t know a shit about him. He could have been on his way back from his child’s funeral or cancer treatment for all she knew. Or he could have been the nurse who takes care of her grandmother’s old ass at a retirement facility or the surgeon who saved her daughter’s life. Or just a nice man having a depression trying to cope.
    Her mother should lose her job as well for raising her rude ass childish brat of a daughter to act like a piece of shit towards a complete stranger – at work on top of it all.

  8. Although I have a poor track record of judging the male physical characteristics that women find attractive, perhaps with the exception of height–for instance, I thought Leonardo DeCaprio looked like a little wanker in Titanic, but all my female friends swooned over him–the passenger in the security video who was handed the 'you ugly' note looks like a regular dude to me. That TSA agent on the other hand has a distinctly porcine face (she ugly!). I think DeCaprio is a great actor, though.

  9. Clearly it was a joke. We wouldn't look at it so wrong if he laughed at it and went on with life as if a friend would do. it's greater things to be worried about in this world. The people of this world are officially soft and desperate to be on the "right side" of things. instead when someone says a person is in the wrong we follow to be on the right side so we look like we care when in fact we don't.

  10. There's nothing wrong with the way this man looks. In fact, he reminds me of a Quentin Tarantino a little bit.

    He showed more maturity than any of the workers, there.

  11. This same racism happened to me at a PARTY CITY in Nashville Tennessee. I had been waiting outside in my Camry for them to open the doors so that I could get my balloons aired up for my 6 year old baby girl. I had bought the balloons earlier from them. I was going to get the balloons aired up then backtrack to Publix to get the cake which was ordered. When the door was opened and I entered, the black girl looked and me and told me were out of helium. The black male manager just looked at her in disbelief like she was tripping. She repeated it and he just vacated the front area going to the back and didn't say shit. I stood there in a numb feeling like What the hell is going on here? I wasn't leaving and knew she was full of shit. It was a white female employee who eventually aired up my balloons. That my friend was racism 101 that I experienced.

  12. It would be nice if HER name were published too. Just to make it easier when her next prospective employer, with 10 resumes on his desk, Googles her name. Then, he’s down to 9 resumes.

  13. Fat women have no souls. The most vicious and bitter people I ever met have been overweight women. They know that they don’t have the ideal body for a woman so they become mean and vicious to compensate. I have nothing against skinny and regular body women though. I love them.

  14. First, it seems as if grammar is not her strong suit…"you ugly"…huh… I guess public education has failed indeed!

    Second, can you imagine if this guy had done the same thing to her. Not only would he have lost his job, but there would have already been a social media campaign classifying him as a racist, bigot or what have you. All the outrage specialists and moral purists would have come out of the woodwork for the expected backlash, demanding his head on a platter. They would have hounded his family and friends. Something to keep in mind…

  15. Why???… did she not wrote that on her bathroom & bedroom mirrors???

    To date… she now has an UGLY mark on her employment record.

  16. Is she serious???? Has she seen herself? The bitch literally looks like the monster from Goonies. Probably why she did it. If anyone is ugly outta the 2 its her anyway..

  17. obese ugly fat nappy headed hoe projecting her insecuritys onto others,
    cant put people like this in positions of power.
    fat ugly bitch


  19. VMD Corporation
    4114 Legato Road, Suite 700
    Fairfax, Virginia 22033


  20. VMD Corporation
    4114 Legato Road, Suite 700
    Fairfax, Virginia 22033


  21. VMD Corporation
    4114 Legato Road, Suite 700
    Fairfax, Virginia 22033


  22. Truly bizarre! I guess the security worker is used to get away with this kind of behaviour because she is woman and has a dark skin colour.

  23. 1:38 The woman lets an older POC through with the note ready in her hand, then gives the note to him. She was clearly targeting this guy, white males only? Way to turn the clock back a few decades baby, way to give haters gasoline to pour on the fire. That moron needs a serious reprimand, more than just firing. Can you imagine the shitstorm this would be if the roles were reversed? A white male would be dragged through the courts over this, she needs the same.

  24. Contrary to what the press and media are spewing regarding this obnoxious "officer", she WAS NOT an officer with TSA. She worked at one of the airports where the screeners work for a PRIVATE CONTRACTOR. THEY ARE NOT TSA EMPLOYEES. The media is so quick to blame TSA for virtually ANYTHING that happens in OR NEAR any airport. Come on media , get your facts correct!!!

  25. If using you in place of you're isn't an indicator of education level, or lack thereof, then her penmanship is a dead giveaway. She has no place in polite society.

  26. Don't know if you're married or not Neil but if you are, your wife is a blessed woman. If you're not, you'd be great husband and father material! All best to you and thank you for reporting this and exposing this deplorable behavior from a very ignorant individual.

  27. Now imagine if it was a white airport staff giving that note to a black passenger. All leftist mainstream-media would play the race card.

  28. Yeah that have been a white lady handed the black man that shit she'd be called a racist that black bitches a racist cunt

  29. I'd pass this worthless dirty ho bag a note back that read "I'd rather be white and ugly than black and beautiful" not saying she's beautiful btw she's so ugly her mum secretly asked a nurse if she could swap her out for a different baby when she was born.

  30. That bitch is a walrus…. smh this mental disorder needs to be dealt with…. fat black bitch thinks everyone is ugly but shes a stanky walrus lookin ass

  31. After viewing the video a TSA supervisor should've walked thru her line and as he approached her he should've handed her a note "You're Fired!!! Now pack your shit up and leave these premises you ugly human being"

  32. She would know what ugly is because she looks like the before picture with no after picture. Some people just can not keep there opinions to themselves.

  33. Come on.. She having a weird humor and it was a bad joke, maybe not so funny, but harmless. It would be enough with a warning, I don't think she deserves to lose her job.

  34. I’m sorry but imagine being so ugly someone would risk their job to inform u of ur looks 😭😭😭I would actually off myself 😭😭

  35. This is the kind of immaturity and classlessness a civilized society has no part of!!! If it was the other way around it’d be a hate crime! ….Food for thought!

  36. So a white man KILLS a black man and gets put on “administrative leave” and keeps her job. A black woman gives a white man a childish note & she gets fired?!? How?! The note was completely inappropriate but the “justice” of America is interesting (to say the least)

  37. That was very rude from the black man to that white man who was just trying to get to his gate. We expect low IQ but even at airport we can’t catch a break from that lot.

  38. Everyone is a whiny little bitch today.
    Did he get his feelings hurt, by a woman who cannot even write a proper sentence?

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