AIRPLANE Fly-over VFX in Premiere Pro Tutorial

AIRPLANE Fly-over VFX in Premiere Pro Tutorial

hey what’s up ladies and gentlemen I
m Ignace Aleya and today I’ll be showing you how to create an awesome plane
flyover effect just like this one alright so that looks really cool and
we’re going to do this entire thing in Adobe Premiere Pro which is actually
pretty cool because normally we would go for off your effects in this case but I
wanted to challenge myself to do this inside of Premiere Pro and I was
actually inspired for this shop because I last Saturday I actually went to a
concert of Bruno Mars together with my girlfriend and she’s a really big fan
but very close by there was an airport so every minute there was like a plane
just flying over the concert which was really epic and yeah on some occasions I
was just so inspired by the view it looked so epic and I wanted to recreate
that what visual effects in Adobe Premiere Pro and so yeah it was a really
cool day I really enjoyed it a lot although I really had to stand like all
day and my feet really hurt at the end of the evening it was a really amazing
time I had there but yeah that inspired me to create this shot so let’s jump in
to do be Premiere Pro and see how it is done all right so if you enjoyed watching my
intro I’m actually giving that for free a link will be put in the description I
have a shorter version of my intro that you can edit in Adobe Premiere Pro or
After Effects change the text change course completely for free so I will put
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when I upload new videos and let’s get started good so here we are an Adobe
Premiere Pro I have these files prepared so you can also go ahead and download
these the first is a tripod shot of the air with some clouds moving and that’s
it what I will do is just drag it and drop
it here in a new sequence and then we have this video file here I will also
import a sound effect which I can share with you guys it’s not copyright free I
actually downloaded it somewhere and I really don’t remember where so I can’t
really tell you where I found the sound effect but what you should do is just
search for a plane pass by sound effect and use that because that’s immediately
going to change the entire atmosphere of your plane animation so we’ll import
that just a second so now what we want to do is click on the image plane fly
over this is just a plane that I took off Google I cut it out in Photoshop I
assume that everyone knows how to cut out an image so I’m not going to include
that in this tutorial it’s just a PNG image I will drag this into my timeline
just like so so now we have a super big plane
I wish isn’t really what we are looking for but yeah you could also go for a
plane crash for example or a super close flyover I rather like to make it a
little bit more realistic so like I’m going to size it to like 25 I think and
that looks alright then I will click are actually even smaller because it’s
actually working in a lower resolution so maybe 17 let’s go for 17 and scale
that looks about right I’m also going to kind of hover it over the house because
that’s also something I like to do to make something more realistic is to play
with depth play with masks and that instantly makes something more realistic
so so the first thing that we’ll do is that you actually click on the emotion
here we’ll make the square around my plane I
will just position it kind of off-screen like this and I’m gonna create a
keyframe for T position and for this scale so what I will do is go and move
over to near the end of the clip and click on the motion and then just move
the plane to the right and kind of position it over here I suppose or
something like that so a straight line like this so we’ll create I that will
automatically create a new keyframe I’m also going to click on a scale and kind
of make it a little bit smaller so we are playing with some depth it’s going
smaller so it’s actually taking more distance from the camera so we’ll select
these two keyframes and just kind of position them at the end of my clip
actually I just want like seven seconds or ten seconds long so what I’ll do is
just click well drag my keyframes over here select everything and just make it
shorter and there we have our plane animation so let’s see what we have we
have about a nice speed it’s going it’s it’s very high in the sky so the speed
doesn’t have to be so fast okay so we have our plane that’s the first thing we
needed to do the next thing we need to do is make sure that we’re satisfied
with the animation we don’t want to change it afterwards because in Premiere
Pro it doesn’t allow as much freedom with applying the effects and Adobe
After Effects you can do a lot of cool things which are honestly a lot easier
but I just wanted to challenge myself to do it in Premiere so how I did it is I
also prepared these lights here a green light and a red light and honestly that
makes the entire shot so much more realistic because we actually have some
animation and I will distract the audience of thinking it’s an actual
image they will actually think or think faster that it’s actually a plane flying
over because there is some minor animation in there so what I’ll do is
zoom in on my timeline a little bit and drag my light on top here and the thing
is you have to make sure your animation is fixed because once you want to change
it later you will have to manually change every single light but we’re
going to use the effects controls here and also lower the scale to some light
then or maybe like 20 when he looks fine and then for the blending mode will
change it to a screen so now we have the light and we can click on our motion
bring it like over here and by the way for the people that think you could work
with a nested composition or nested sequence it didn’t work because the
screen blending mode didn’t come true so I tried that first fortunately that’s
not a solution so okay we have our light one frame further I will actually zoom a
little bit more and my timeline one frame further I just want to cut my clip
and delete the the rest of the part so we just have like for one frame a light
so maybe you want to start the light here or actually for two frames could
also work okay two frames there we go then one frame well again two frames
further we’re going to apply the green light and also make it two frames long
so we’re going to also make this 20 move it to the other wing and set it to
screen and now we already have our lights one here then the green one and
then a little bit later we actually need another red so I’m going to hold alt and
bring this one over here and click on a motion and just move it over to
somewhere around here this is going to be like the center light which is not
going to flicker as much as the wing lights so there we go
now what we want to do is select these two and a little bit further in time we
want to hold alt and just drag them in here and then a little bit further in
time we want to drag all of them in here so select all of them alt and drag so
now we have like the two lights flickering the main light flickering the
two lights flickering no main light and so we have a little bit of a kind of a
delay and kind of an offset so to make it a little bit more organic and so next
one you want to do is go in each individual light and reposition it to
the plane position so we have to click over here click on this one motion move
it over to this wing over here and just do that for every single light perfect so you can do it one more time
so like everything hold alt and drag it here we can delete the green line
because it’s actually covered and by uh yeah chimney there we go I think this is enough so we
have this nice animation and instantly you can see that it looks already a lot
more realistic than it used to be and being an image so okay we have this
start now what I want to do is click on my original footage and hold alt and
drag it on top so the plane is gone we want to click on that footage and go to
our pen to make sure we are seeing enough of our house so maybe we want to
make this a little bit bigger 150 maybe and kind of draw a mask around the
chimney and the basic kind of roof of the house so it doesn’t have to be
perfect you can still kind of change it later on in time once you’re satisfied
you can move these a little bit like this zoom in a little bit more if you
want to or need to but I think we have it basically set up correctly ok so once
you’ve done your mask you can go and close it over here and now we have a
mask of our chimney so we want to set the feather to do and let’s see what
that does if the plane is hovering over here looks pretty okay we can click on
here and maybe go to the mask expansion and just lower it by one because we had
to be fatter off to and that way it kind of covers it perfectly ok so creating
depth instantly makes it more much more realistic okay so we have our shot here
of our plane the only thing is the plane doesn’t really fit the scene the scene
is a very kind of cloudy greyish kind of desaturated so we can click over here
and go for our plane and go to the luma tree color panel if you don’t see that
you can go to window and luma tree color which is over here and the first thing
that I want to do is just lower the kind of saturation intensely and also lower
the contrast intensely because it’s a very soft contrast scene maybe the
blacks we also want to increase those and go to the creative tab and increase
kind of the faded film which does something like this you can also lower
the whites if you want to make a little bit more gray and for creative that we
can also lower the least sharpness maybe because it’s in a far distance so it’s
not going to be extremely sharp so now we have this if you look before
and after it kind of fits the scene a lot better in my opinion okay so the
color grading is done then lastly what we want to do is hold alt and we’ll
click on this original footage hold all and bring it on top again and now we
want to do is just play with the opacity so in the beginning maybe you have
something like 80 opacity over here we have something lower maybe like 10 a
little bit further we have like maybe 50 or 40 a little bit further we have 100
or no 78 and very soft and maybe at the near end a little bit higher so what I
will do is I kind of make the clouds come true and make kind of a depth in
the clouds it’s like the plane is actually flying through the clouds and
it’s really going to make it intensely more realistic so you can see that it’s
now like it’s actually passing clouds and it’s not always as visible which is
just amazing okay so that looks pretty good we have a nice animation going here
we want to select all of our layers that we just created and we want to
right-click and go for a nest and that’s the sequence as a plane sequence and now
we want to do a final touch well for one we want to apply the sound effect so I
can cut it here when it’s a little bit louder
and let’s see actually forgot to paste this one also
so I’m going to cut it and paste it over here
okay little mistake I did there but okay we have the sound effects and now to
make it dramatically more realistic everything that you record on a tripod
is very easy to assume it’s visual effects because you don’t need to do
trekking everyone can easily apply effects to it so to kind of hide that
imperfection or yeah even to hide imperfections like I just said you can
apply something called camera shakes from organic and real cameras and that
we track down and we actually have a pack for that I will also put a link in
the description DC camera shake preset 2.0 if you open
it up you can see that we have hard shake slow shakes medium shakes I think
a medium shake would do fine and for an establishing shot so something like this
we just apply to the scene and immediately you will see that it zooms
in a little bit because there and there is a little bit of an animation going
and as you can see now it’s like I’m filling this with my phone it’s like I’m
filming this in a realistic way we didn’t do any trekking but yeah
it just looks so much more realistic in my opinion and this just makes the shot
entirely and then of course lastly you can go ahead and maybe add an additional
layer on top of this entire thing so new adjustment layer click OK and drag it on
top here and maybe you want to go for a zoom out a little bit maybe you want to
apply a look to the entire thing to make it even more blended in together to the
chorus really match so we can go to the creative tab and browse for a lit and
there we go so now we have this little ply it’s which makes the color a little
bit better and everything fit a little bit better together so completely up to
you what I like to do is maybe necess it one more time and add a crop to the
effect I’m actually going to position this or going to position it up a little
bit something like this and add a crop effect now we have this kind of film shot all right so that’s it for this video I
hope you enjoyed it if you did give this video a like also be sure to subscribe
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upload new videos apart from that check out our website we
have a bunch to offer for filmmakers and motion graphics artists and apart from
that I hope to see you in the next one good bye

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  1. Looks very cool and good, but you (or anybody eles) would not be able to create realistic airplane flight from a picture. A proper footage is necessary. But still great job.

  2. Awesome, very creative! I loved that you animated the opacity. That makes the plane so much more realistic.

  3. your video mbps is so high,so i dont see your video net speed is 1mbps and 2mbps. i can see another video easily, but not your video.

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