Airplane Cockpit Tour | Boeing Vs Airbus

Airplane Cockpit Tour | Boeing Vs Airbus

Hello Friends, I’m Akash! Have you ever traveled in an airplane? If so, what company made it wasn’t made by Airbus or Boeing? Next time when you fly in an airplane make notice of which company it was made by You can easily find it on the safety card in your seat pocket when you sit in your seat Most commercial airplanes are made by one of these two companies Boeing or Airbus While Boeing is an American company Airbus is from Europe specifically France Since I was a baby I’ve flown on these planes and numerous times Recently I had the privilege of experiencing the cockpits of the Airbus a319 and the Boeing 737 I think the flight crew especially the pilots for giving me this great opportunity and Explaining about how these planes are operated Here is the footage from both the cockpits But before you take a look at that You’ll observe that the major difference between the two aircraft cockpits. Is that the Airbus? A319 is controlled via a joystick or the Boeing 737 Is controlled using a traditional yoke or well it looks like a steering wheel More differences coming up after the footage of experiencing both of these couples The first airplane is the Airbus A319 take a look – Yeah. I really like looking at flights. Everything and all, it’s actually pretty interesting to me and all. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – So what do you want to do when you grow up? – Um, when I grow up, I kinda want to become an astronaut and an actor, – Cool. – because, um, it’s really interesting. I think like this is sort of the first step to becoming an astronaut, sort of. Because ’cause of similar style, y’, in the air, except— as— except— – So, this is so the screen in front of you is how— that’s your—yeah—it’s called our “primary flight display”. So that tells us all our information that we need. to fly—to keep the airplane right side up, so, see the green numbers on the right. That’s our, uh, altitude, – and then, the right, – and the left, the white numbers on the left are, would be our airspeed. And then, uh, the, the circle in the middle is how high you, your degrees above or below, and right, so how many degrees. And then on the bottom, that little piece on the bottom is the, the header. Our header. Like a compass stick.
– Yeah. And then that other screen is the, uh ingthebell it’s like a navigation display. So we’ll put our map on there and ???. And this is the computer, so we can tell This is how we get where we’re going, so we program the computer, with different points in space, and then we fly to those points. Point to point to point to point, the whole journey. See that on his iPad. So we flew right through every one of those points. – Yeah, um, so based on that and how many yellow stripes you have on a flight, First officer. You’re First Officer Paul.
– I’m a first officer. Yeah. I’m a first officer and then if you have four stripes, you’re, you’re a captain.
– Yeah. Um, this is the—what’s it called? This is called the “sidestick”. So this airplane, this airplane, most planes have what they call a “yoke”.
– Oh. Yeah? So Airbus uses the sidestick because this is a fly-by-wire airplane, meaning we’re telling the computer what kind of…yeah. – And, as for all of this. It’s a lot of stuff. So it’s always important that you know which button you’re exactly pressing boeing vs airbus: airbus a319. SUBSCRIBE because at the same time, you’re also gonna kinda focus on where you are right now.
– Right. Especially if, like, you’re in control. boeing vs airbus: airbus a319. SUBSCRIBE I wonder what all of these— I don’t know! I’m just really interested in this. – That’s great. – And then of course, it’s the throttle. – Yeah, this is what, this is our throttle. So that’s what makes, that’s what gives us thrust. – Interesting.
– Yeah. – And, uh, yeah, I guess, that, that would wrap it up! Thanks so much First Officer Paul. Yeah. – It was nice to meet you!
– It was nice to meet you too! – I hope you liked it! – Thank you! I really enjoyed it! – Thank you sir! Appreciate it! – Thank you so much! The second airplane is the Boeing 737 take a look Right now on the airplane we’ve just landed at Washington D.C. and this is the cockpit! Oh gosh! – Not that much room OK?
– This is so cool! For one— – Looks cool! Put your hands up there – Oh cool! – That’s how you fly, that’s how you drive it on the ground, with that steering wheel over there. See the one over there?
– Wait, that one? – That one.
– Cool. Woah. And by the way—
*beeps* And by the way guys, just so you know this is not a simulator, this is an actual flight.
– 737. – Yep, it’s a Boeing 737. Wow that looked great right? Let’s take a look at some more differences on the Boeing 737 There are five digital screens facing the pilots these are used to display information about the plane and its surroundings the second-generation Boeing 737 classic will usually have analog systems instead of digital ones but there are variations of the Boeing 737 that don’t use analog to catch up with air buses prominent use of digital screens and this plane is one of those digital variations at the top the Boeing 737 Likes to use switches to control most other things Oh the Airbus a319 uses buttons. What’s more interesting? Is that while boeing uses switches making it a little bit harder to check which switches are on or which ones are off? Airbus uses buttons that displays off when they’re off allowing the pilots to easily distinguish the buttons in the right position in the buttons in the wrong position and That’s about it. I hope you enjoyed the tour of the cockpits of these two legendary planes Which copic do you like best the Airbus or the Boeing? Please comment below? Thanks to American Airlines and United Airlines for these awesome Experiences and thanks to you the viewer for watching if you like my videos then make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon So you don’t miss my new videos every time I upload Once again, thanks so much for watching. Love you Akash

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    Your viewers may find it interesting that the plural of 'airplane' is 'airplanes', but the plural of 'aircraft' is 'aircraft' (not aircrafts). 😊

    The editing was great (showing the right cockpit when talking about each cockpit afterwards). Do you know how to do the editing or do you have help?

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