AERO X7 Amazing Casting Distance – Talking w/ Nick Speed | Shimano Fishing EU

You’ve joined me today at High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. I’m here for a few reasons but the main reason is
to talk to you about these new fantastic rods. The Aero X7 and the Aero X5. in the longer lengths,
from 12ft to 14ft, we’ve created a range of rods
that I cannot believe how far they can cast. Now I’m actually on the lake on the campus
and I’m here today to test the distances, to see what these rods are actually capable of. And let me tell you they are something special. And that’s because we’ve put so much time and effort
into ensuring we’re using the best quality carbon, nice thin blank, and put an awful lot of time into development
of the strength of the carbon, the wraps, the tonnage of the carbon,
right up to the playing action as well, its equally important. Look at the end of the day,
feeder fishing has become unbelievably popular, in England and across Europe over the past two years.
Loads of events have popped up, everybody wants to go feeder fishing,
and the level of ability has risen. So the angler wants to improve his distance,
he wants to gain that extra distance against his competitors. And we, as a company, felt we needed to develop some rods
that enable the customer to reach that extra distance. And let me tell you,
we’ve achieved it. So in my hand here I’m holding the Aero X7,
13ft heavy feeder, What a tool!
It’s unbelievable. Now we’ve done a few little tweaks with the rods,
for example, it comes with three tips.
but they’re spliced in, and we felt as a company,
that by splicing in the quiver tips, rather than doing pushing tips for example
we’ve these particular range of rods, that aided the compression of the rod
and helped the rod straighten up quicker because there was less weight at the top end of the rod. That alone adds an extra distance. And little things as well, we’ve also increased the length of the butt in certain situations
on the long-distance rods. So we’ve got the normal length,
but at the bottom we added a mini extension. So when it comes to gaining that extra distance its just a case of screwing that in
and it aids the compression of the rod even more. And just by adding that mini extension,
it adds an extra 15 meters onto the cast. So that is amazing. When it comes to the playing action of these rods, we wanted to create a rod
that was not only a great playing action for your natural fishing, for your conventional feeder set up
where you’re using a cage feeder or a window feeder, catching bream, roach, hybrids
in Ireland, in Holland, using braid. But we also wanted to create a perfectly suitable rod,
the same rod, where you might be using mono, a shock leader,
and casting a method feeder on venues across Europe,
where you’re casting that extra distance. So I’m proud to say, that I’ve never casted as far with a rod
as I have with these particular rods. The beauty about these rods is, they are definitely going to aid
your casting accuracy and distance. And that’s simply because of the high-quality carbon
that we’ve used, the blank straightens up really quickly on the cast, that means there’s less friction
as the line is running through the runners and that is going to aid your casting alone. So trust me when I tell you,
these rods will definitely improve your casting ability.

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