5 ways you are MANIPULATED by the airports and airlines!

hi everybody the matter comes mentor and yet another video podcast as always hope you’re doing absolutely fantastic today on the video guys we’re going to be talking about the five most common ways that airlines and airports are manipulating you to make sure that you do what they want have you for example thought about why aircraft design tend to be light bluish well first of all if you like this kind of content or the content that I do on the channel in general then make sure that you have subscribed to the channel and that you’ve ticked the little notification bell because if not you won’t know when I do for example live streams or special material than I send out [Music] this video is brought to you in cooperation with Skillshare now Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of high quality video courses and pretty much any subject that you can imagine now a course that I think that you guys would really really like is aerospace design where you can learn everything about for example how flaps works or aerodynamics so why an aircraft is built the way it is the 501st of you uses this link here below we’ll get to month of premium Skillshare absolutely for free so you know there’s no limits to the amount of classes that you can check out do that right guys so I was kind of intrigued by a question that I got on a live stream just last week where one of the users I think it was Sam actually asked me do you know why the aircraft’s are always light blue inside they’re almost always light blue inside and that’s basically what made me think about today’s today’s subject because there are a lot of little subtle things that both airlines and specifically airports do to manipulate the way that you are behaving when you’re inside of the airport so I’ve done list now of five different things and without further ado we just start with number five and number five is exactly what we started with aircraft design okay so when I was researching this what what it turned out to be is that Airlines tends to prefer what are you doing budgie budgie so airlines tend to do prefer to get light blue colors in there come come so I’m sure that you’ve noticed that in the majority of cases when you get into an aircraft you’ll find that they tend to use some combination of light blue to white in the interior now that is not because it’s cheaper to paint it that way or because the blue fabric is cheaper than any other fabric no it tends to have to do with the way that the Air Lines wants you to feel as you’re entering the e and the aircraft they know that you know going through an airport is a stressful experience and they also know that the color light blue this is the color of the sky is something that people associate with corn with happiness so the light blue design that you’ll see in most in Aircraft Interiors has to do with that they want to calm you down they want you to get a positive feeling of the airline as you’re entering it and light blue has a tendency to do exactly that now if you’ve seen for example then the new sky interior which by the way I did a video about before in in Boeing aircraft you know that they’re using LED lighting to do much more than only light blue so they’re using light different colors of lights in order to get you into different types and depending on what part of the flight that you’re in so as you’re being greeted light blue or light colors and then as they want you to start going to sleep they will dampen the colors it’ll go over to kind of a greenish or maybe even a reddish dark red color that would significant the same kind of colors that you get during the sunset and subsequently when they want you to start waking up so that they can serve you your breakfast before you have to land and disembark well then you will see kind of a Sun kind of a sunrise coming to make sure that you wake up in a good mood that you don’t feel as tired and that you get a better feeling of the whole trip so the way that interior designs in aircraft is done specifically with lighting and colors is because of that it’s to give you a great experience or at least a little bit of a better experience right number two in the list now we go over to the airport side and the airport side I don’t know if you’ve noticed how many Nick axis being sold in airports especially on the departure side of airports stuff that you would just never ever buy if you were out in the city there will be things like fridge magnets or I love Barcelona t-shirts or or things like that basically tasteless stuff that you’ve never even think about in normal circumstances but in the airport specifically when you’re leaving after having had a nice vacation for example and you’re already starting to feel that the vacation is coming to an end it is much more likely that you are going to buy this type of knickknacks okay so much so that for example in Seattle they’ve noticed that a t-shirt with the design of Sleepless in Seattle is still on the bestseller list even though the movie Sleepless in Seattle hasn’t been shown in theaters for the last couple of decades so the way that they kind of overwhelm you with these kind of knickknacks place number two number three carpeted floors all right and in the airport I don’t know if you’ve noticed that in a large section of the airport you will find that there are carpets and floors rather than tiles you think about it that doesn’t make much sense because you know it’s it’s a huge area with a lot of people and it’s gonna take time to clean it and it would be logical to have tiles on the floor just from a cleaning perspective just because it’s easier but the airports tend to have carpet and there is a very good reason for that because of the carpet first of all the noise level inside of the terminal will come down significantly but also you feel kind of nice soft and it’ll be a more familiar feeling and when you feel like you’re more at home you’re also more likely to buy stuff it’s been shown that airports that uses carpeted floors have between 7 and 10 percent higher sales than if they use tiles and it’s also been shown that if they have tiles and they’re different colors on the tiles they have even worse sales because different colored tiles would entice people to move faster they’ll go quickly to the gates and spend less time in the shops now number two right number two is where I am a little bit of responsible and my cabin crew okay and this has to do with the way that we speak to you either to the PA system in case of pilots or the body language of the cabin crew the way that we want to try to calm you down during different situations now when it comes to PA so in pilots I have already done a specific video about that you can check out it was a full video about how we think when we make pas but generally we have to think quite a bit before we make any type of PA so the most common pas that you’ll hear are the welcome PA will always be done from the captain and that is because I want to establish my voice with the traveling passengers that’s so that if I would need it during an emergency they will associate my voice with urgency so they will listen okay so that’s why it’s always going to be the captain who makes the initial welcoming PA but also the way that we that I kind of speak the kind of words that I use matter a lot so if we would find yourself with some kind of technical problem for example and throughout enroute something happens and we need to divert because of a technical issue and if this is not a an issue that has any real danger to it but we still have to divert I will be telling you about it I will be telling you that we’re diverting for technical reasons but I will not go into great length into the details of what the technical issue is and the reason for that is because a large portion of people who are travelling will not understand what I’m talking about but the more technical I become the more they will get the sense that it’s something dangerous that it’s something complicated hands very dangerous so the less details I give the calmer the passengers tends to be and also what would try to do is if we have to divert because of this and might be diversion because of whether we we tell you the passengers about the reason but we will also always finish off with how we’re planning to solve the situation so when we get down we are going to talk with our company we’re going to make sure that you know what the ongoing travel plans look like how much of delay you’ll get and the reason we always finish up with that is because we want to take the mind of the passengers from the technical issue to how they’re gonna get to their destination because then they will you know it’ll likely going to calm them down they’re gonna be thinking more about having to call their uncle that’s waiting for them at the airport and less about the technical issue so there is a real design to how these PS are being made now if there’s something that is serious I will have a slightly different picture voice I will also tell passengers that it’s extremely important that they follow the cabin crews instruction so I will delegate my authority to my cabin crew which are the ones were going to handle a potential evacuation of the aircraft so depending on what we say during the PA you can kind of figure out whether or not it is more or less of a big deal okay same thing comes to cabin crew so cabin crew they are highly trained in how to deal with passengers especially people that are coming in who are stress may be agitated may be a bit angry we know that it’s a stressful experience to go through an airport nowadays we know what the delay is security might mean or if you have paid extra for baggage fees or something like that and the way that they’re trained to deal with this is to make sure that their body language is showing that they’re open that they’re not a threat so you will never see them standing like this they will greet you with a smile with eye contact and they will talk to you in a hopefully respectful way now if they come across someone who is already agitated who is showing body language sign that he might or she might become ink aggressive they will then take a different stance to it they will try to calm things down to always try to de-escalate the situation you’ll find for example that if an agitated passenger sitting down they will always come down to their level to make sure that not talking from above to below that they’re sitting at the same level when they’re talking but there’s loads and loads of tricks like this that are being used to make sure that the cabin crew is always on top of the situation that it never escalates into something which might be unpleasant or dangerous even for them or the passengers so this is how we work and there’s loads and loads of training getting into this especially when it comes to the cabin crew so that brings us to number one the biggest way that you are being manipulated inside of an airport without you knowing and and that has to do with the way that the airport is designed regarding the shops so I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but during the last 10 years there’s been a radical redesign of how the airport’s are being built when it comes to the duty-free shops so you will always find the duty tree of pre shops nowadays just off the security and there to reason for that a you will feel kind of better as you get out of security when you have gone through that queue and you’ve taken off your belt and your shoes and you’ve been checked and they and the agents have been looking at you to see that you’re not a terrorist and you’ve kind of cleared that hurdle you will just feel better and when you’re in a good mood you are much more likely to shop but the biggest reason that it’s happening just of securities because they will capture 100% of all passengers going through you have to go past the shops in order to get to your gate which means that it’s more likely that we’ll get a little bit more sales out of it but the redesign the redesign now here is where it’s getting really really manipulative if you go through a airport that has been recently redesigned you will notice that it’s no longer a straight line it’s not like you’re walking past the shops in a straight line and then to your gate now it’s more of a curved kind of way that you walk and that is both a little bit more easy on the eye it looks better but crucially you will notice that it’s almost always a left-hand turn so you come from security and you go through a large left-hand turn until you get out to the gates why is that well that is because a majority of you guys are right-handed and when you go through a left-hand turn instead of going straight ahead when you’ll be looking at where you’re going if you go into a left-hand turn you’re more likely to look out to your right which is where you’ll find all of the shops with all of the little goodies and if you walk like that and you look out to the shops it’s more likely that you’ll see something you like and you’ll end up in the duty-free kind of checkout corner with an oversized chocolate bar or a book that you had never intended to buy this has a huge impact guys we’re talking an almost 60% increase in sales in airport stores that are designed this way but that’s not the only trick up the airport sleeves now if you have been walking out through that initial duty-free kind of curve and you walk through your gates you’ll notice that a lot of the shops along your way is going to face the terminal windows this big windows the tech scene you walk and look out to the airport the reason for that is that it’s been shown that people who are subjected to natural light and sunlight are more likely to stay in a place so if you can get some of that natural sunlight into a shop you’re gonna get the passengers staying more time inside of your shop and it’s much more likely that they will buy something and another thing that might look like it’s a fantastic new design feature is the way that you see the the the signs showing you know the way to the gates will almost always show how long it will take to get to the gates nowadays you might think that that’s great of course I need to know how long it will take me to walk to the gate but the other side of the coin to that is that you are more likely to stay longer in the shops if you know how long it will take it to walk because if you don’t know if you just see a sign to watch the gates you are more likely to walk away to the gate early sit down by the gates to make sure that you don’t miss your flight but if you know that it takes 10 minutes to walk well then you will check your watch you say well it’s 30 minutes until I have to be there takes 10 minutes to walk there so I can stay 20 more minutes at the gates sorry at the shops and spend more money so all of these little design features are there in order to in the sake of the airline’s normally to calm you down to make you feel better about the airline and make you feel more calm and you know avoid aggression and in the case of the airport it’s the ever-important increase of sales for the shops that are at the airport but also the airport itself that’s one of the major income sources for the airports nowadays together with parking outside so it is extremely important to use all the little trick that they have available in their books to make you spend as much money as possible when you’re traveling out from an airport now I want to send a huge thank you to the sponsor of this episode which is skill share and skill sure is an online learning platform with thousands of high quality courses and pretty much anything that you can imagine now something that I think that you might really like is aerospace engineering but also you can check out courses on for example how to start your own successful YouTube channel or how to use your home 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