$5 Trainer Best Beginner Rc Airplane Project EP1 Build Overview and First Flight of 2018

$5 Trainer Best Beginner Rc Airplane Project EP1 Build Overview and First Flight of 2018

you see how easy is this going it’s like
hello everybody welcome to new episodes how to DIY Rc to the best DIY trainer plane
there is why it is well the first rule that I think a trainer should be for
beginner plane pilot there has to be durable almost unbreakable so you have
the time to fly and learn to fly and have fun flying and not spend any
time on repairing and getting frustrated after each flight of course it needs to
fly easy but that’s easily done with a dyhedral or polydyhedral wing tyhat makes it fly hands off this plane is two years old
have – 200 flights at least 50 crashes pretty hard ones sometimes just
maybe five six repairs on it and it’s still flying like it did the first day
and almost looked the same as the first thing last repair had to do was like to
stiffen up the tail because it was wiggling around and he don’t want you
want the tail section being level with with the wing if this is on an angle
with a wing being flat then you get weird behaviors and don’t want that just
last repair but after two years how many foam planes still exist to this and the
third best reason of this plane it’s ugly
is there an ugly so if you press and you don’t gonna cry I wasn’t gonna fly great
and this is the one I’m gonna showcase today let’s take-off and see how good she
flies is still it’s amazing it’s a little bit on the heavy side of 1.2
kilos what was prop that given us and the motor that costing only five dollars
giving us 900 grams of thrust is super easy to fly
and we have landing gears of course it’s that easy looking at the sun is a little
bit difficult let’s fly on the side of the road let’s come on
you see how easy it’s going it’s like we have no problems flying it at all you can fly slow it can fly fast and can
fly anywhere you like it can fly inverted it does it yeah it does it all
super easy super durable ans super strong that’s what you want for a plane if it’s
gonna be your trainer first beginners plane when you’re going to learn to fly
it needs to be unbreakable easy to fly it’s still doing like it’s doing first
day that we build it and there’s nothing better if you’re interested in building
a plane that doesn’t break and you keep having fun for two years and longer
probably for a lifetime than please subscribe because we’re gonna
do a whole build down break down and then we’re gonna build it for a second
time step by step a whole series so I hope you like this video and subscribe
and I’m gonna say good bye until next time

30 thoughts on “$5 Trainer Best Beginner Rc Airplane Project EP1 Build Overview and First Flight of 2018

  1. Yes! This is what I've been waiting for.
    So how much all of this would cost including a cheap transmitter… like… Flysky FS-I6? I hope it won't exceed 120 USD assuming I already have battery and charger.

  2. thanks for posting. i just hope no one Copies it. about eight things have be done Incorrectly. do those flaws prevent it flying. no. cheers

  3. Very good plan when thinking about learning.. Great video bud.. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂 Look forward to the rest of the series.. 🙂

  4. That looks SO cool. I am yet to get an FPV quadcopter.

    Also finally I have revived my channel after 8 months!

    Edit: I'd love to see this thing with FPV! (Im kinda obsessed with FPV now)

  5. What a gem of a plane! have been intending on getting a STOL/Bush plane like a Dynam Primo or Cub etc for this season but this thing ticks all the same boxes and then some.
    Look forward to your build series, your passion is infectious as always, Dave!
    It seems you've probably saved me over $150 🙂 Cheers ,mate.

  6. I think DIY Planes are absolutely great! They're inexpensive compared to factory planes and mine fly much better than factory planes. My Mini F-22 Build ready to Bind-N-Fly including the flight battery was less than $50 US. Thanks for the info as you have a really nice flying plane. Happy Flying!

  7. What is the average lifting weight of the motor because I'm making a hexacopter weighing around 1.8 kgs

  8. Wow, this is so cool. So far have only built and flown brushed quads and tiny whoops. You have inspired me to start a diy plane build. Also I love the look of it. Very customised!!

  9. I use tiny tie wrap instead of screw to hold the motor. If it crash the tie wrap brake and it save the mount and the motor. Also it takes 5 sec to put a new tie wrap. I also started to use tie wrap to attach the propeller directly to the motor.
    Actually I do the same for the servo. It's easier to remove the servo if needed and it hold better than glue or screw.

  10. A begineer should have a easu hassle free plane, buy yourself a Bixler 2, and be done w it… And it will fly on windy conditions.

    This POS airplane wont fly shit on any wind at all. Its more difficult than it is if you are a noob. Buy a Durafly Tundra or the HK Bixler, you got to pay to play…

  11. Used your affiliate links to buy the stuff. But the flysky i6b receiver doesn't light up when I connect it to the esc. No red flashing light. The esc does make a noise when I connect it to the receiver however

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