5 Reasons to buy the ZENITH Pilot Type 20 ‘Extra Special’

5 Reasons to buy the ZENITH Pilot Type 20 ‘Extra Special’

– What I’ve got in front of me is the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Extra Special. (soft upbeat music) The reason I love it the
most is, it’s so distinct. When you look at something like this, it’s something like no other watch. It’s got this lovely rich, bronze colouring that obviously changes with time as well. The back of the case is engraved with the Zenith Aviation logo. Black dial with really large
Super-LumiNova numbers. And the hands as well have
a real vintage quality. In the family, the Pilot family, there are a number of different
sizes and colour schemes for this watch. Some really kind of quirky colour schemes that really kind of make this
watch stand out even further. (soft upbeat music) Within the watch there’s an
Elite 679 Zenith Movement, which is an automatic movement
with 50 hour power reserve. A really robust and durable, and a really accurate piece as well. The Elite movement is very
different from the El Primero, but it’s of the same sort of quality as Zenith are renowned for. (soft upbeat music) The way that the Zenith
Pilot’s watch ages, it’ll take on the inherent
characteristics of the wearer. It looks antique. It looks like something that’s been around for like 100 years. The patternation is authentic. It’ll look absolutely stunning in two, three years down the line of two, three years worth of wear. Which makes that watch
completely unique to the wearer. We actually had one in the window that I think ended up
gettin’ sold in Winchester, that where even just
without wear, just with age, had like done that patternation And it was stunning. It looked better than when
it was new, really did. (soft upbeat music) The pricepoint of this
watch is 5,500 pounds, which for something that
unique and that stunning is well worth it. (soft upbeat music) There’s so much to love about this watch. If you’re like me and you
like anything that’s vintage, and it really does start to develop a kind of unique antique kind of feel, this 679 caliber movement, an oscillating rate of
28,800 vibrations per hour. Because of the way the lugs pull the strap away from the watch case, it actually surprisingly fits
even on the smallest wrist. This watch ticks all the boxes. I think it’s just amazing. If you want to buy this watch, you’ll have to fight me for it. No, if you want to buy this watch, get in touch with me
here in Tunbridge Wells. I’ll talk you through this and the rest of the Zenith Pilot’s range. And I’ll be more than happy to
see this on someone’s wrist. Also, you can visit our
website to look at this watch and the rest of the Zenith Pilot’s range. (soft upbeat music)

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  1. Love your genuine enthusiasm for this Zenith model. I know you are in the business of selling watches, but it is nice to see your true passion. I agree, and believe there is quite nothing like the Zenith Type 20 Extra Special models. I have the El Primero with blue dial, and have ordered the upcoming silver case model. I would actually love to have one of each of these! Thanks for the great presentation!

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