24/7 | Pilot Episode | February 23, 2020 (With Eng Subs)

Stop! That Agbayani really
gets on my nerves. She’s hogging the night shift. She always asks the chief
for this shift. Always using her looks.
She has some nerve. Like you when you
ask for cigarettes. You ask cigarettes from me too. She has higher pay because
of the night differential and she barely does anything. Just drop it.
At least she’s pretty. She is, but she’s annoying. – But she’s sexy.
– But annoying. If I didn’t have a wife,
I’d ghost her. – You look like a ghost.
– What? We’ll dance… Base, Agbayani. Some people are smoking near the
entrance of the emergency room. Some friend you are.
Why’d you rat us out? Aren’t we supposed to be
the ones to implement the rules and regulations,
not break them? Agbayani, take back that report.
Say it’s not true. This is our secon offense. If we get fired,
you won’t see me anymore. Hey, take back what you said. If you don’t… – What?
– Well… If you don’t take it back… What? Tell me. Let’s go, Luigi.
Don’t waste your time on her. You’re right, Mario. – You’re lucky–
– What? We don’t fight women! [COUGHING] Who is that? Who are you? Miss? Help me. I don’t want to die. Come here. Slowly. Let’s bring you inside. Nurse? Nurse! Hey! Stop! You’re surrounded! [MAKES SIREN SOUNDS] Good thing we were there. I screamed at them and they ran. – They were scared.
– They were. Do you remember what
the men looked like? You said you were
the first ones there. Yeah, we were. It all just happened so fast. It all just happened so fast. – Yes, sir.
– It was. Sir, they had bonnets on. They were around 5’8″ to 5’10”. One of them had a tattoo
of a cross on his arm. One had a scar on his neck. I noticed that
their car was new, but the license plate was old. Maybe it was stolen. RVR 3285. – Yeah.
– 3285. You have a sharp
memory, Agbayani. This is very helpful. Why didn’t you try to be a cop?
I’m sure you’d pass. This is probably a gang war
or a victim of hazing. How’s the patient? – Do you know?
– Well… Sir, we need to
go back to our post. – We’re sorry
– Look at the time. Mia. Sir, if you have
any more questions, you can ask Dr. Cedric Jacinto. He’s the son of the
owner of this hospital. He also tended to the victim. Sir, can I go now?
My shift’s done. Wait. We might have
more questions for you. Dr. Jacinto? How’s the patient? Unconscious with a high fever.
41 degrees Celsius. She’s dehydrated, has a high
heart rate and blood pressure. I’ve scheduled a series of tests to determine if she has
severe dengue or malaria. Agbayani, you may go. Sure, sir. Miss… Doc. You saved the patient? I did. Good job, Agbayani. Thank you. I’ll be on my way. Marquez, I’ll head out. Mia, we’re almost
out of eggplants. Good thing you
texted me earlier. Everyone’s been buying them. I saved two bundles for you. Take it. They’re on the house.
You always buy from me, anyway. Thanks. Can I get
some cabbage too? Sure. Boss, the victim’s been
dead for 6-9 hours. He doesn’t have a wallet,
but the San Mateo police said he’s been reported missing
in their precinct. He hasn’t gone home in two days. Here’s the picture they sent. Name? Job? Home address? Gerard Capili, 26 yrs. old, works at a call center
in Eastwood. He sidelines at Makati.
Online gambling. The report says it’s a robbery because he has no jewelry,
watch, or wallet. The flask is clean. It rained at 8PM last night,
but it’s not wet. Bring it to the lab
to be analyzed. Yes, boss. Take everything,
even the small pieces. A dead body was reported
in Makati similar to this. How’s it going? – Good morning, Mia.
– Good morning. – Hi, Mia!
– Stay in school, okay? – Hi, Mia!
– Stay in school, okay? It’s already morning, Mia.
You work too hard. You’ll get sick. It’s not like I have a choice. Good morning, kids! Hi, Mia! Mia, can you teach next week? I’m busy with Xavier’s birthday. Okay. – Go on.
– Focus here. Ready! 1, 2, 3… Charlotte!
You left the kettle on! You’ll burn the place down! I just turned it on. What did you text me earlier? You have a female patient
who was chased by men? That’s quite something. Let me guess.
You took them down? You massaged them
with your baton. – [LAUGHS]
– Whatever. That looks delicious.
Fried eggplant. I won’t be able to have some. Hey. Here’s the… This is for the rent
and the water. Here’s the water and
electricity bill. A disconnection notice? If we don’t pay,
they’ll cut our electricity. I’ll handle that. I couldn’t work on that
last week because I bought
Xavier’s projects. That’s okay,
as long as we pay it. I’m sorry.
I can’t lend you money. I was going to,
but I sent it to the province. Don’t mind that.
I should be the one apologizing. I’m late. I have to go. – Okay.
– Bye. Before I forget, Mia… Your father checked up
on you last night. I told him he should call you,
but he just laughed. – [CHUCKLES]
– He really is your father. You two are something else.
The eggplant fell! You’re like boyfriend
and girlfriend. Why won’t you talk?
He’s been back for a year. You still won’t– You talk too much. Go on. You’re late. Okay. I’ll drop it.
Anyway, bye! – The door!
– Bye! Good morning! Wake up, dear.
You’ll be late for school. You don’t want to wake up? – You want to stay in bed?
– Mom! Get up! You’ll be late! This armpit!
I’m going to kiss it! I give up! You’re going to stand up? – I don’t want to!
– What? Come on, dear! – Come on!
– I’m still sleepy. You’re sleepy?
Look at the time. Come on, dear. There. Have some breakfast first.
Come on. Let’s go. Why’d you sit back down? Mom, where’s my eggplant? Your eggplant’s downstairs and the other one’s
in your lunch box. Let’s go so you can eat.
Brush your teeth, okay? And make sure that these
armpits are squeaky clean. They’re probably so sour.
Let me smell. Okay! I’ll take a bath! You will? Take a bath, okay? Do you remember
the parts of the eggplant? I do. Leaf, flower, fruit,
stem, and root. Very good. Mom, do you know
why it’s called an eggplant? Where’s the egg? You’re right. I know why. Because it tastes amazing
when it’s cooked with an egg. Go inside. Here’s your lunch. – Bye!
– Bye! Take care! [ALARM RINGING] Is that part of your lesson?
That looks like college work. No, Mom. I just want to know
how far the Moon is from earth. It says here that people
have been to the Moon. I want to go there, too.
And Mars. I also want to go to
this black hole that they’re talking about. Black hole?
Baguio’s good enough for me. But if that’s what you want,
no one’s stopping you. How many minutes, Mom? Last two minutes! That’s too soon! Mom only has enough
for 30 minutes. Mom only has enough
for 30 minutes. Go on. Your father called.
He’ll pick you up tomorrow. You’ll celebrate your birthday. We’ll celebrate too
when you get back. You get to have two birthdays! What gift do you want? Let’s visit grandpa and eat out. But that’s not a gift. Don’t you want
some clothes or a toy? You asked me,
but you’re taking it back? You’re talking back now? That’s kinda mean. Grandpa’s a good person.
He asked for your forgiveness. But you still ignore him. Did you grandpa tell you
to throw a fit? He didn’t say anything. Please don’t be mad at him. Dear, it’s hard to explain
because you’re still young. I’ll tell you when you grow up. It’s not just that your grandpa
didn’t give me a toy. This is deep,
as deep as this river. Sorry, Mom. I didn’t mean to. Perez! I thought you were retired.
How’s your leg? I can race up and down,
if you want. Don’t be too excited.
I have two months left. What are you doing here?
This is my case. I’m curious to know
what happened because it’s connected
to my case. Let me handle this.
This’ll take more than 2 months. Let me handle this.
This’ll take more than 2 months. Don’t call it a pastime, Perez. Don’t call it a pastime, Perez. I promise you that
this case, your case… I can solve this case
before I retire. I’ll solve it in one month. You know I solve all my cases. Unlike some people who’ve
solved one case out of ten. Excuse me. The report’s here. 35 yrs. old. SOCO said cardiac arrest. But she has wounds. I know. Cardiac arrest? Can I see the picture of
the victim earlier? Gerald Capili. Here, boss. Call Gerald’s mother. We need to know how this
person’s related to Gerald. Okay, sir. – Kyle!
– Boss? She came from the hospital. See? Find out what the hospitals
in the area are. Yes, boss. [BUZZING SOUND] How’s the patient? The one your brought in,
you mean? She left without a word. The nurse said
she was so frantic when she regained
consciousness. Why? Did she tell you anything? No, nothing. Excuse me. Why are you here? I’ve talked to you already. I didn’t come here to see you. I didn’t come here to see you. a woman, that was brought in
last night. Here… Her name is Cristina Capili. I was told that she left
without a word. She was found dead earlier. As for her brother… His name is Gerard Capili. He was also found dead,
in Santa Cruz. It’s possible that
the two deaths are linked. I also learned from
their mother that Cristina and only resorted to
the odd side job available. – Did you get any–
– I’ve told you everything. If you have
any more questions, you can talk to the doctor. He will be coordinating
with the police. Mia… Please… Can we talk? What about? I’ve been back for a year now. And you’re still very
distant with me. Mom suffered
because of you. Dado! Dado! Dado, please! Dado! Dad! And she died
suffering. I was all alone, and stopped
school not long after. So I went out on the streets
to fend for myself. No! This is mine! Stop! I know I’ve caused you
so much pain. And I’m sorry. But I came back for you
and your mother to make up for everything. But she didn’t want me to be
part of your life anymore. You can’t expect me to
forgive you so easily, Dad. You left mom for another woman, and started a family with her. All while leaving mom and me
to suffer. Dad! But I tried to make up
for everything, Mia. I searched everywhere for you. And your mother. I searched everywhere
for you, too. But I grew tired of waiting. As far as I’m concerned,
you’re a stranger to me now. It’s too late now. Are you sure
about buying a PC? You’ll have to pay for
internet every month, okay? Xavier needs a PC
for printing out homework. I can have internet
installed later on. For all you know,
he might end up becoming a lawyer
or doctor. Fine. I’ll have two banana
fritters, please. Hurry up, will you? By the way… …you want to earn extra,
right? You’re free tomorrow, and Estrella’s sick. Now, the owner of
Jacinto Pharmacy also owns the hospital
we’re working at. Sounds good. That way, I can finally
get my kid the PC unit. Just as well, his dad can
look after him tomorrow. – I need that job, okay?
– Got it! He’s upstairs. Hi, Emerson. Bye. Bye, Mia. Take care. Watch your step. His classes
start at seven, okay? He’s already been late
to school weeks ago, so make sure he’s early
for the coming week. Here you go. And his birthday’s
on Sunday, so make sure
you bring him here before 11 AM
so we can go strolling. Come here. Behave yourself, okay? And don’t make Dad
and Auntie Belez worry. It’s Belya, not Belez. Is everything set? Yes. Be a good kid,
okay? And take good care
of yourself. I love you! And your armpits! How about a goodbye high-five? Here’s his stuff. Anything else? Nothing. Let’s go. Take good care of him,
Emerson. Of course. I love you, dear! I love you too, Mom! You like robots? – Sweetie!
– Hi, sweetie! I brought you these! Thank you, sweetie! Hello, Xavier! Hello, Auntie Belya. Wait, can you pay the bills? The due date’s for
the power bill’s coming up. Sure, yeah. I’m leaving you here
with Auntie Belya, okay? – Okay.
– Be a good kid. Take this. Be a good kid, Xavier. Come on. – Bye, Dad!
– Bye! – Mia’s here!
– Mia! We need someone
stationed outside. We need to sort the influx
of patients right now. I think there’s
an epidemic right now. – Wait, have you seen this?
– Here, look. That’s fake news. Just wait for
the official statement from the health department. What’s wrong? Mosquito repellant. I’m not taking
any chances. Jeez, relax. But believe me, the news
on that new virus is real. The doctor said so himself – it’s a more severe form
of dengue. They’re still doing
studies on it.

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