2020 India Drone Registration – Fees, Trackers, Penalties & Rules

2020 India Drone Registration – Fees, Trackers, Penalties & Rules

Hello, friends, this is Amit and welcome back to our PhoneRadar’s new video and guys, last year we have talked about Drones in India and its regulations wherein India’s Aviation minister had made an announcement suggesting within a few days you can go on and check out their government portal and register your respective drone after which you can fly your drone officially in India well, there hasn’t been any update until now, but, finally, now there’s a proper update from the Indian government well, India’s current Aviation minister – Hardeep Singh Puri he has said within few weeks, you can register your drones officially in India and you can further fly them too, well, as of now we generally fly them inside our office as we can’t fly them in the open to avoid any kind of complications and, generally, that’s the reason we prefer professional drone flying video shooters to work with if we need any such shots and those professionals usually does the job for us but technically, in India, can you use or fly drones officially? NO! and in the coming days, you can head over to this website, which is also available now under the name – digitalsky.dgca.gov.in wherein you can register your respective drones, however, I have already opened my account but whenever I select imported drone name then it still showcases only Indian drone brand names and officially, for instance, it doesn’t show up well-known brands like DJI which means that the work is still in progress and here starting from January 13th, meaning, from next week, the official portal aforementioned will be launched after which, I’m sure all these drone brands will certainly be listed well, I have here DJI’s Spark Drone which I guess is around is slightly above 250g and that’s the reason DJI has recently launched a new drone, which weighs 249g for which, no registration is needed again, talking further, in India, generally, as of now, they will be allowing registration for two types of drones one is for those drones, which weigh under 250g which are called Nano Drones and then there are Micro drones, if your drone’s weight is in between 250g to 2KG then they come under Micro category, well, guys, here there are few formalities to be completed even after registration is done and firstly, the good thing here is you need not pay any fees for getting your registration done but you need to undergo some tests again these tests are supposedly online after which they would verify through a video call to checkout on whether you are eligible to fly your respective drone talking further here for Nano drones, you need to undergo a minimum of 2-4 of hours training and for Micro drone you need to undergo a training of 20-25 hours again that’s a good amount of time, which is again a good thing after this one will get to know whether the person is capable of flying a drone and he wouldn’t fly into a home or onto a car or on to the road as well which is again a good thing and, and talking further about the rules, Indian government here is trying either to send you trackers which can be installed in your drones for which you need to give them around Rs 5,000 – Rs 7,000 or again all these regulations discussing here aren’t confirmed yet of which, one is trackers, and then there’s another thing is that the government is also trying to implement GSM technology or SIM card technology or any such technology after which your drone’s height and it’s travel data is stored with the government and with which they can send us fly down or takedown notice which means they can send you the notification if your drone is flying in a restricted area however, talking further about brands like DJI, the last I remember when I went to Bali and when I flew the drone from my resort The drone has flown down suggesting me that ‘you are in no-fly zone’, implying you have flown your drone in restricted area and the drone has flown down automatically so I’m sure if our government works with well-known brands like DJI then the earlier-mentioned steps are not necessary they can geo-tag the locations where there are no-fly zones like Airport, where you can’t fly the drone and, several other places other than airport drones can be allowed but then, I’m sure the government would also find a way to eradicate misuse of these drones as well and, not only DJI there are several other Chinese brands which are already being imported to India and the government is trying to track them all after which every drone can be used in a systematic manner with all the necessary permissions well guys, another important fact, if you do not tend to register your drone within a month and rather flew the drone deliberately for that, you’ll need to face penalty too and probably they would charge you with fine however there isn’t any clarification yet and according to the government they are also working on penalties but in the coming days we’ll get to know what kind of penalties government would implement on your drones…. so, in the coming days, we will get to know what kind of penalties would be implemented on these drones so, that’s it, for now, guys, this has been a super quick updates on the drones if you found this video useful, then do LIKE this video, and stay Subscribed to this channel for more such interesting and useful videos I’m Amit and I’ll meet you guys in our next video, until then, GOODBYE!

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    1 gm difference bw Nano and micro
    Nano <249<micro.

    Useful for all drone users and professional photographers

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