15 Courses BUSINESS CLASS Food on IRAN AIRLINES!! | Mahan Air – Bangkok to Tehran!

15 Courses BUSINESS CLASS Food on IRAN AIRLINES!! | Mahan Air – Bangkok to Tehran!

– Hey, everyone. Hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. Tonight, I’m very excited
because we are flying to, from Bangkok to Iran, Tehran in Iran, and I’ve wanted to visit
Iran for many years and tonight we are flying. The flight leaves at 11:35 p.m. We are flying on business
class on Mahan Air, direct from Bangkok to Tehran. And so in this video, I’m gonna give you a full review. I’m gonna show you the entire flight. All of the food on
business class, Mahan Air. – Thank you.
– Thank you very much. We are first on our way to the lounge. (upbeat electronic music) I think I’d said on
our ticket we’re gonna, we have the lounge from Thai Airways, so maybe partnered with Thai Airways. So we’re gonna, we’re on
our way to the lounge. (relaxed jazz music) (clicking and fizzing) Okay, and so it’s now 9:45, our plane leaves at 10. No, sorry, our plane leaves at 11:35. So still have at least an hour
to hang out in the lounge. Got a little bit of food. I did have dinner at home before I left, so I’m not that hungry but I got little bit of the pad mee which is the fried noodles with egg, some chili and some of the
broccoli on there as well. I’ve wanted to visit
Iran for many, many years because of the immense history, for the incredible food and
for such a rich culture. Finally, tonight is the night. We are on our way to Iran. (upbeat jazz music) What gate are we at, Ying? F, Gate F right? Our gate is F2A. This way. (upbeat electronic music) Okay, a quick bus ride to the airplane. (upbeat electronic music) Hello.
– Welcome! – Thank you very much.
– Welcome on our flight. – [Flight Attendant] These two seat, so I think this way, yes. Would you like something?
– Thank you. Okay, yes
– We’ll bring drinks for you. – Thank you very much.
– Welcome madam. Sir would you like to
have a welcome drink. – Yeah. You’re gonna see I’ve got
a Iranian herbal beverage. Mmm, oh that’s nice, it’s
kinda like floral sweet. So just on the plane now
for a couple of minutes. I can immediately say right off the bat, the staff they’re incredible,
they’re so friendly, so nice, so hospitable, and it’s time to take a quick
tour of this amazing seat, this compartment. Hey how are you? Loving it, loving it, (laughing) It’s an Airbus A340/600. Big TV, this is the foot compartment. Downstairs foot compartment or footrest. Oh, Ying says this is the menu. Do not disturb sign. This, up… Down… Oh this should be down. (laughing) Awesome.
– Okay, yes, Mark take a video from me and Marianne. I’m talking with my wife.
– Oh, okay. – Nice to see you, okay.
– Very nice to see you also. – Is this live, live video? – This is on. – He said he really
likes to see you excited, he’s so excited that you are here, you see.
– Thank you so much. (laughing) (speaks in foreign language) Thank you very much. – Hot towel or not hot towel? – Hot please.
– Yes of course sir. – Thank you, thank you. (speaks in foreign language) – That was a great pleasure
to have you on board, yes. – Really.
– Yes. – Thank you very much. – Really, really, (drowned
out by announcement) – We haven’t even left Bangkok, we’re still sitting on the
ground, we haven’t even moved and already the people that we’ve met are so incredibly friendly, so nice. (speaking in foreign language) I almost forgot about that. A hot towel as well that I got. Okay, and now to look at the menu quickly before we kick off. All the different beverages. Appetizers, roast beef, cucumber. There’s a beef kebab with saffron rice, chicken breast with Parmesan cheese or baked fish with saffron rice. (upbeat jazz music) (sound drowned out by music) No problem. Thank you. (flight radio announcement) – On behalf of the captain and the crew, I would like to welcome
you aboard this Mahan Air AirBus 340-600 aircraft. – It’s gonna be a 7 hour
and 14 minute flight from, direct from Bangkok to Tehran. And Tehran here we come. (upbeat jazz music) Accidentally dozed off as we took off. In the night, (drowned out by airplane engine) put the blanket on me. This is the food preparation? – Preparation for meal style service. – Awesome – This is the Gallieria food preparations. – Beautiful. Nice. Thank you. (upbeat music) Okay, back to my compartment. Oh, they’ve already set my towel. – Here you are sir. – Thank you very much. – Bon apetit.
– Awesome. – I’m pretty sure this is
just the appetizer course. The first course. I got
the chicken with hummus, and then the green salad,
and then also the yogurt. I’m going to start with some
of that chicken and the hummus. Oh yes. Oh that’s
wonderful. It has this like, I don’t know if it’s
coming from the chicken or the hummus, but a wonderful like lemony flavor. The cucumber with the yogurt sauce. Wow. That is very refreshing, very creamy, very rich and thick, you
know hummus is my favorite. (upbeat jazz music) – Enjoy monsieur.
– Thank you. What is this? – Beef with rice and saffron. – Is it the beef kebab?
– Yes. – Okay, main course has arrived. First main course, the beef kebab with saffron rice, yellow saffron rice. You can smell the fragrance of the onions and the peppers there. Good. Very good. Very good, thank you. Okay and actually he just told me that there’s a few more main dishes that they’re gonna bring me, so I’m going to be
trying every single dish that they have on the airplane tonight. – Here sir we have some
kind of sea bass fish. – Awesome. – And this is some
chicken, some stock chicken with some vegetables.
– Thank you. You will try it and you will like it, I hope so. – Thank you very much.
Oh there’s more as well. – Yes of course. (laughing) This is Iranian okay. Chicken kebob.
– Wow. – Yes, here. Thai cooked lamb. – Okay. – And it is especially I
think designed for you. As a… somehow. – So this is only available from Bangkok? – For you, yes. Only for you. – Only for me? – Yes.
– (laughing) Thank you. – Exclusively in this flight.
– Wow. – Enjoy sir. – This is like a buffet. (laughing) One, two, three, four, five… One, two, three, four, five, six different full main course dishes. Never before in my life have I had a plane meal this extensively. Oh, having a little bit of turbulence. I hope it doesn’t all fall off my plate, this entire meal is just balancing barely, on my meal tray. The plates are like half
hanging off the table. Okay. What should I begin with? I better start with that kebab, that’s the main dish that I got. Well, the first main dish that I got. Okay, first bite is the kebab. Whoa. That tastes like steak almost. But so ultra-tender. So like, gently spicious. The rice is so fluffy. It’s fragrant, and has this amazing kinda like, smokey charred flavor to it, where that’s coming from the onion. This is so good! – There is no empty place
for economy. (laughter) What is your suggestion? – Oh, there’s still more economy? – Economy is ready for
you if you want to see. Really. (laughing) Okay, this is not even it yet. I’m gonna try the economy food too. Okay next dish I’ll try, this one. I think it’s the fish. Oh whoa. Oh yeah. Oh wow. – Economy class. – Economy class. Thank you. – Enjoy.
– Awesome. – Second we can taste these.
– Thank you very much. (laughing) – What’s on the menu for economy? I have never been
surrounded by so much food on an airplane, on any flight,
ever in my entire life. It’s a full buffet actually, all you can eat on Mahan Air. Okay I’ve gotta try everything. I think this one’s the
chicken, grilled chicken. Mmm. Mmm. Nice. Look, you gonna move over? To the economy class. And two different dishes, one of them looks kinda like a meat, like a beef stew I think? And the other is like a kebab, with a white sauce on it. Oh the tenderness of that. Without being mushy at all, you can feel the texture,
but it’s so tender. (upbeat jazz music) Oh that’s like chicken breast I believe, but it’s so moist and
it kinda has a cardamom, I think there’s cardamom in that sauce, you can taste the cardamom in there. Okay next dish, some kind of a chicken. Oh yeah, stuffed chicken. Stuffed with cheese, that is. There’s melted cheese
on the inside of that. Can’t wait to try this
dish. This is like a Thai, I think like maybe a panang… panang curry I think. But they said, I think
the kebab, this one, this one she said is a lamb, and then this one is the beef penang. They only brought one
on the flight, for me. So thank you so much to Mahan Air, and all of the staff, they’re so, they’re just so cool. This is the benefit of flying from Bangkok to Tehran, you’ve got
both Thai food options and Persian options. Lamb stew time. This is like pure, big hunks of lamb. Tender, and then just like taste like they’re just
stewed in it’s own juices. For sure I’ve never had so much fun at a plane meal, or even on a plane ever in my life. This is the most fun ever. This is the most food ever. This is the biggest meal ever, and now after trying everything, I think I gotta go back to the dish that I started with. That kebab. That meat. I think that’s the best dish. Just the tenderness of that beef. Oh wow. (background noise drowns out other sounds) – If you want. – Welcome to the Mahan Air. – Thank you very much.
– Yes, this one is better. – Thank you for your amazing hospitality. – Thank you very much. (upbeat electronic music) – My first ever all you can eat airplane food experience. – Here you are sir.
– Thank you. – This is the cheese and fruit plate. This is the attraction, guava drinks. – Ahh okay.
– Yes, sir. – And now for desserts, have the cheese and fruit platter. And there’s also something like a, looks kinda like a dried fruit cake. And they turned off the main lights because the other passengers are starting to sleep again. It’s kinda sweet, it’s so buttery, and I think those are hazelnuts in it. – This is an Iranian beverage, Iranian hot drinks.
– Thank you. – I think a kind of relaxing drink. – Is that the borage? – Yes borage, yes. A bit like singring, and this is Iranian baklava. I thought you might like
the best served menus. – Okay (laughing) – This is hazelnut caramel one. Tart. – The fruit and cheese
was only the pre-dessert. This is the real dessert.
Some type of Baklava, but then also some Western desserts. So I got a little pie, a little cake, Two different beverages. The one I really wanna
try is the borage tea. Mmm. Oh yeah that’s very… slightly floral, slightly minty. That’s gonna put me straight to sleep. (relaxing jazz music) Wow. The nuts in there. They’re like florally,
like honey sweetness, and you really taste the saffron. Mmm. Cardamom in that one. (relaxing jazz music) And that completes dinner
at, it’s now 1:30 a.m. That completes 1:30 a.m
dinner on Mahan Air. And the greatest thing about eating a massive dinner of
that size at this time, on the airplane, in this seat… Actually hold that. Hold that for one minute. Captain has invited us to
meet him in the cockpit. Awesome. Thank you. – Welcome.
– Hello. – Hello Mr… – Hello. Very nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Very welcome. – Hello. Very nice to meet you captain. Thank you very much. It’s an honor. Wow. – How is everything?
– Amazing. – Very nice.
– This is fantastic. – You are very welcome. – Thank you so much. – My pleasure having you on board. – Thank you. This is awesome. I have been in a small,
like smaller airplanes, the cockpits in small airplanes, but this is my first time to ever be in a commercial jet of this size in the cockpit. – Yes? – Welcome aboard. – Thank you. Very cool. – This is the A240, and you know this is A240 600 series and this is one of biggest
airplane in the world. Actually, the second largest
airplane in the world and you notice that it
has very, very advanced… (airplane announcement noise) – So many cool things. (upbeat jazz music) – We already know that we
are at altitude 36000 ft. – Okay.
– Yeah. And actually we are
flying over Bay of Bengal, and already we have
entered the indoor space, and you are approaching
to the Calcutta area. – Okay. – You know that this altitude is wrong, something’s wrong. Element has a measure from this silos. – And you can see the moon
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Right out there. Amazing. Yes first time in Mahan Air. First time to Iran as well. – Iran is beautiful. I’m sure that you will enjoy Iran. – Yes. Awesome to see this. Hang out in the cockpit.
to meet the captains. Thank you so much for having me. – Nice to meet you. Very welcome. – Very nice to meet you captain. – Very Welcome.
– Thank you. – Very welcome. – That was an awesome
experience. Thank you. (airplane engine roaring) Okay, now it is time. (smooth jazz music) There is nothing I would
rather be doing right now after eating 12 full airplane meals. Was it 12? I don’t know, I lost track, but something around there. Than lay down in a complete
reclining position. Oh this is absolutely awesome. I’m going to turn off the light, and I will see all of you tomorrow morning which is probably in like three hours for, they said they’re gonna serve breakfast. (smooth jazz music) – Good morning. Oh man. I could just sleep here for like, for a lot longer time. But I think it’s time for breakfast, because they just turned on the lights. Brought me a towel. Oh yeah, that feels good. Thank you. – Bon appetit. I gotta be honest, I’m not exactly, I wouldn’t call myself
hungry at the moment. It’s only been about
three hours since that, maybe two hours since that massive feast of every single dish. Let’s start with coffee. Mmm. Oh wow. That’s awesome. Looks like there’s some more of that cardamom tasting creamy sauce. And then this one looks
like grilled mushrooms. Wow. – Coconut cream, and pineapples. – Thank you. Coconut and pineapple?
– Yes. – That has like a, it feels like you’re breaking into
a casing of chocolate, like white chocolate on
the outside of there, and it just filled with,
stuffed with cream and coconut. Maybe it is white chocolate. Wow. And the like foamy
cream with coconut in. That’s fully like hard on the outside. It feels like an ostrich egg. Next drink is saffron tea, and you can just see
that golden yellow color. Ahhh. Wow. That’s great. It’s just pure saffron, just like so floral, healthy, soothing tasting. – There’s a small gift for you. – Thank you very much.
– You’re welcome. And then… (plane engine noise) …a letter, for you.
– Thank you. – With the captains sign outs. – Awesome. Oh that’s awesome. From the captain. Thank you so much. Thank you very much Mahan Air. (upbeat electronic music) (airplane announcement
in a foreign language) Okay. Welcome to Tehran. I
think it’s like 3.30… Yeah, right at like 3:30 a.m. I’m so happy to be here. Thank you, yes.
– Thank you very much. – Thank you so much.
– Bye bye. – Thank you. Thank you. Very nice to meet you. Thank you so much. – I hope to see you again. – I hope to see you again too, thank you. Thank you. Oh nice, thank you very much. Welcome to Tehran! And they have arranged
to pick up in a car. That is awesome. (laughing) – Hello! (laughing) – Hello! Oh thank you so much,
– Thank you. – Thank you so much. (laughing) – I was eating like… (laughing) – Yes. Awesome.
– Hello. Hello. – Thank you very much.
– Good to see you. – Thank you very much. – For you. – Awesome. Hameed thank you so much. – And this is for your
wife. Your lovely wife. – Thank you, wow. Beautiful.
– Thank you. (upbeat electronic music) It was about a 30 minute drive I think, from the airport to the hotel. Made it to the hotel. Wow, my God. Ohhh it’s so… I’m so thrilled to be in Tehran, to be in Iran. Ahh yeah, we checked into Espinas Palace. This is a beautiful hotel, they’ve given us an amazing room. Huge thank you to Mahan Air for sponsoring us for that trip, for putting us up in business class. Staff and the entire
crew and the captains, thank you so much. That was an amazing… You’re hospitality, it just shined. From the moment we got on the plane, we immediately experienced just incredible hospitality and they went like above
and beyond in everything. Trying every single dish on Mahan Air. That was an amazing
meal. An amazing flight. I’m actually still full from that flight, which was like… Okay it wasn’t that long ago, like five hours ago or so. But happy to be here,
thank you again Mahan Air and I can’t wait to
share all of the content that we’re gonna be… all the food that we’re gonna be
eating in upcoming videos. That’s gonna be it for this video. Thanks again or watching, and remember to subscribe for lots more food and travel videos, and I’ll see you on the next video.

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