10 Mysterious Airplanes That Vanished Forever

10 Mysterious Airplanes That Vanished Forever

Imagine an aircraft full of hundreds of
people all of a sudden vanishes into thin air
you may think this is something out of a sci-fi movie and would never happen in
real life well then buckle your seatbelt and stow
your table tray because there’s been a lot of these cases in real life from
multi-million dollar fighter jets disappearing to gigantic passenger
planes I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at mysterious airplanes that
vanished forever but before we take flight why not subscribe and press the
notification bell too coming up first we have flight 19 torpedos the date was the
fifth of December 1945 exactly 74 years ago to this date ww2 was raging on and
the US Navy was well involved on the morning of that day the US Navy
dispatched five torpedo bombers they were going on a routine training flight
over the Bermuda Triangle but shortly after they took off they were never
heard from again after flying over the Bermuda Triangle
the planes just vanished from the radar all 14 crew members aboard the flights
were never heard from again and there was no noise coming from their
radios nor were there any distress signals a few hours later the Navy sent
out an additional 13 men on ships but they too vanished and we’re never heard
from or seen again this was one of the first instances of things going missing
around the Bermuda Triangle since then many ships and planes have gone missing
around the Bermuda Triangle area but it is very creepy that these five planes
and then this Navy ship totally vanished and were never seen again
to this day it remains the number one mystery of ww2 next up we have Amelia
Earhart Amelia Mary Earhart was an American
aviation pioneer and she was also the first woman to fly solo across the
Atlantic Ocean but on the 2nd of July 1937 a very mysterious thing happened to
Amelia she got into her Lockheed Electra 10e plane with her navigator named Fred
Noonan they took off from Layne New Guinea and
they were set to complete one of the large stretches of their around
the world flies but as they were going over the Pacific Ocean
they totally disappeared no wreckage or bodies were ever found of Amelia or Fred
a search lasted many many weeks and cost four million dollars but absolutely
nothing about the aircraft ever showed up some say this doesn’t make any sense
as many planes who do fall into the Pacific Ocean are washed up eventually
but this flight remains a massive mystery and to this day no one knows
what happened to Amelia Earhart or her plane next up we have Malaysia Airlines
mh370 this is a modern aircraft which vanished out of thin air this is said to
be one of the world’s greatest aviation mysteries on the 8th of March 2014 the
world was shaken when a airplane went missing this flight was carrying 239
people it was going a short distance from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to Beijing
China some thought perhaps the plane went down near the southern Indian Ocean
but after spending many years scouring the seabed nothing was found no one
knows what happened to the airplane or the people on it and so far it’s been
over five years since the airplane was last seen this year some newspapers
reported that the pilot may have wanted to take out everyone on the plane and
because of this maybe he crashed the plane into the ocean but as I say there
has been no wreckage no bodies and no sightings of this plane so we just
really don’t know many people have put forward their theories and say that’s
the official stunts but they are all just fad theories next up is lost
f-35 the f-35 is a military jet made by Lockheed Martin they are one of the
fastest most powerful fighter jets and just one of these alone costs around 108
million dollars that’s why in 2019 the world was stunned when an f-35 fighter
jet from Japan went missing a 41 year old pilot named Akinori Hitomi was
manning the plane but following a rapid descent from a high altitude the plane
disappeared from the radar the plane was going at speeds of around
700 miles-per-hour 1,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean the Japanese defense
ministry said it’s likely that the pilot suffered from vertigo being so high up
in the air but that doesn’t really explain why the plane went off the radar
the plane sent no distress signals and the pilot did not try an eject the
fighter jet would have also had proximity sensors sounding an alarm but
the pilot did nothing after a few days Japan cooled off the search for the
missing fighter jet they concluded that the most likely scenario is it crashed
into the Pacific Ocean but really they’re just not sure the pilot was very
experienced and had over 3,200 flight hours but it’s not known why this 100
million dollar aircraft dropped of all radars and then was never seen again
next up is Stardust one day British South American Airways plane Stardust
was flying from Buenos Aires to Santiago this happened on the 2nd of August 1947
it took off from Buenos Aires but it never made it to its destination instead
it completely lost contact going over the Andes Mountains some say the plane
could have malfunctioned and crashed into a mountain while others think there
may have been foul play and they’re not sure what happened to Stardust it was a
very famous and beloved plane but it has not been seen for 50 years they’ve tried
to find plane wreckage and bodies in the Andes Mountains but haven’t found
anything yet and to this day Stardust remains a mystery next up is Flying
Tiger 739 this flight took place in 1962 during the Vietnam War the US Army
flying tiger flight 739 was going from Guam to the Philippines but it lost
contacts over the Pacific Ocean however the plane wasn’t just going over
any part of the Pacific Ocean it was going over the Mariana Trench the
Mariana Trench is known as the most deep and mysterious part of the entire world
it’s literally as low down as you can go in the world at the bottom of the
Mariana Trench you can’t see anything in it’s pitch blackness but it said that
many unknown creatures live down there including the ancient Megalodon
distress calls were received from flying tiger flight 739 and despite a massive
search involving 1,400 people and 50 aircraft no one was found eight boats
also covered a surface area of 144 thousand square miles but no remains of
flying tiger flight 739 were ever found what do you think was it to do with the
Marianas Trench I think it was next up is Indian Air Force India is a massive
country and they have a very strong Air Force but in July of 2016 a mysterious
thing happened to an Antonov an-2 aircraft this turboprop transport
aircraft of the Indian Air Force disappeared with 29 people on board it
was flying over the Bay of Bengal and was enroute to an Air Force Base in Port
Blair the search and rescue mission quickly became the largest in the
history of India it involved many aircrafts surface vessels and submarines
but after a few months of searching in September the mission was called off no
trace of the aunt of a 932 or the 29 people on board was ever found and so
far they have no idea what happened to this plane and finally on the list we
have vancouver douglas dc-4 in 1951 at the douglas dc-4 departed from vancouver
canada it was going to stop at Anchorage Airport in Alaska and during the flight
weather conditions were very bad and the visibility was only 500 feet because of
this the pilot signals an emergency warning but they reported it way too
late and nothing could be done then all of a sudden the airplane disappeared
from all radars since then no trace of the aircraft has ever been found this is
very mysterious as it was not flying over water so it didn’t go under water
if it crashed it must be above ground but no wreckage was found anywhere so
what do you think happened to vancouver douglas dc-4 wow this video was
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  2. The last time I flew was when I ETS from the Army in 1995 and It will stay that way. I have been shot at By the Army accidently. I can handle that But I hated flying.

  3. The Navy did not send out 13 men on ships. They sent out a Mariner flying boat, which is a type of aircraft, to search the area and it disappeared also.

  4. Parts of mh370 have been washed up and confirmed to be from this plane. The problem with finding the whole plane is that the ocean is massive, it's like finding a needle in a haystack. It took to long for them to get the information from imsrsat which picked up signals from the plane. Without knowing what happened means we may never know where the plane went down.

  5. You’ve got some things wrong about flight 19 December 5 1945 no ships were lost but a spotter plain sent out did go missing

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