ماذا بداخل حقيبة الطيار؟ ?What’s inside a pilot’s bag

ماذا بداخل حقيبة الطيار؟       ?What’s inside a pilot’s bag

Do you want to know what’s inside the pilot’s bag In the flight deck. stay tuned… Good evening , back again with another video I’m working on the new video ( a day of an airline pilot ) It’s going to be a long video And unfortunately i don’t have enough time And i’ve been flying a lot so i thought i would do this quick video till i finish up the new video so many of you asked about what’s inside of a pilot’s bag? If you ever been on an airplane you will see they usually have 2 bags. a large bag and a smaller bag we use the bigger bag for our cloths and personal items because sometimes we go on a 4 or 5 days trip so we usually need our personal items, such as; our tooth brush, cloths, But this little bag is way more important because that’s what we use in the flight deck. let’s see what’s inside… first thing is… The EFB ( Electronic Flight Bag ) And that’s the most important item inside of the bag. Back in the day pilots use to carry all of these books, charts and weather documents so their bags were always full and very heavy because of all of that now days everything is inside of this little I Pad literally everything, charts, weather, paper work company related documents so that’s the only thing we need for weather, charts and all of that And of course you need the charger as well And a little pad that i personally like so you can write ATC clearances, fuel numbers and weather at destination airport so that was the first and most important part of a pilot’s bag. After that we will go to to another important part of a pilot’s bag And it’s your peronal documents your pilot license, medical, FCC license and your passport And you will need all of that every time your flying. And i personally like to have a sunblock nasal spray for my nose, just in case… because sometimes in a middle of a trip you might get congested or something so it’s always a good idea to have it Next… A notebook, because sometimes i like to take notes e.g taking notes of a new airport something i learned on the airplane anything that i think it’s important to take notes of The last part is…. a flashlight And it’s also very important And most of the airlines will require that all pilots must have one. we mostly use it during the walk around when you’re doing the preflight at night sometimes it gets very dark, so you will definitely need a flashlight some of you said you can just use your phone but the phone isn’t good enough to see the tail of the airplane or the high components so a good flashlight is very important thing to have. And after that is…. The earplugs Because it could get very loud outside of the plane from the engines, APU, ETC… So to make sure the ears are safe it’s always recommended to wear them. lastly… A high visibility vest anytime you’re outside of the airplane, you’re required to wear it it makes it easier for other people to see you during operations Airplanes, cars , ramp personnel ,ETC… it just makes it easier for them to see you specially when it’s dark outside. After that is.. Your headset Aviation headsets are different than your phone’s headset Most airlines will provide headsets in the plane for pilots but most of the pilots prefer to have thier own. And this is an ear pad i personally like it Because sometimes it gets very cold in some places, such as Canada it could get down to -30,-40 Celsius so to keep your ears warm, I highly recommend that you get one And on top of that a good quality gloves for that cold weather. lastly… a backup battery for your I Pad In case your ran out of charge on a trip you can charge it in the plane but.. you still need to have one. And of course the airline provides pilots with all of that😀 After that is the sunglasses I usually leave it in my pilot bag It’s different than my personal sunglasses And of course it can’t be polarized Because polarized sunglasses reduces the ability to read the airplane instruments. Last thing is… A rain coat specially when it’s raining or snowing outside And you have to do the walk around I prefer to keep my uniform nice and clean That’s why i have it in my bag. That’s basically what’s inside of a pilot’s bag. In the flight deck. wait for my new video you will definitely enjoy it. so much time and effort have been put into that video. so i’ll be waiting for you If you’re subscribed to my channel I want to thank you. if you’re not consider subscribing. Follow me on IG, the link will be in the description, see you next video, GOODBYE.

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  1. بالتوفيق وجزاك الله الف خير يا كابتن وانشاءالله تسوي فيديو عن قيمة شهادات الطيران وهل هي بمرتبة شهادة جامعية؟؟
    وهل هناك دراسات عليا واهم سؤال متى ينتهي مستقبل الطيران؟؟؟

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  5. شكرا لحضرتك على الفيديوهات الرائعة
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  18. Love your videos. If you ever come through Knoxville airport TYS, let me know! I'd be more than happy to meet you. Keep it coming!!

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