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Aerocontrol Switzerland is the Zurich based association. It represents about 200 air traffic controllers working at Zurich's area control center and tower/approach control facility.

The high complexity of operations in the Zurich area, mainly caused by political and infrastructural constraints, is one of the main issues dealt with by the association. Conflicting departure and arrival routes, a fragmented airspace structure as well as restrictive noise regulations within Switzerland and over Germany, pose a big challenge to the air traffic controllers, who are trying hard to run the system as smoothly as possible. High complexity leads to less capacity and makes it more difficult to maintain the highest possible safety level. It therefore is the objective of Aerocontrol to achieve a simplification of procedures and to de-conflict the system as far as possible.  

Aerocontrol is keen on generally improving and maintaining a high level of quality in air traffic management at skyguide. One prerequisite to that is a high qualification standard of the air traffic controller workforce. By ensuring appropriate working conditions and salaries as well as a secure working environment, promising young people shall be attracted to apply for this demanding but satisfying job. In addition, the association keeps a watch on selection and training procedures in order to guarantee for optimum output. 

Aerocontrol also has a strong focus on organizational and structural aspects related to the Swiss air navigation service provider. The association is in constant dialogue with management in order to identify problems and make proposals for improvement and development. All these areas are covered in close co-operation with other professional staff organizations within and outside SwissATCA.

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