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Swiss Air Traffic Controllers' Associations

Welcome to the website of the three Swiss air traffic controller associations Aerocontrol Switzerland, Skycontrol and APTC, appearing under the roof of SwissATCA. SwissATCA represent 400 air traffic controllers in the area control centers of Geneva and Zurich as well as at the airports of Zurich, Geneva, Berne, Lugano, Grenchen and Sion. Together, they ensure safe and efficient air traffic within the airspace under responsibility of skyguide. 

The purpose of this website is to bring the associations closer to the public and to communicate statements and positions on relevant issues related to air traffic control. A special feature is the "Ask a Controller" form, which can be used to get an air traffic controller's view on different questions you may have. Media representatives are kindly requested to contact us through our media relations officers. By subscribing to our Newsletter, you will get informed as soon as a new statement is issued.

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